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Jon Dykstra

Sports Editor

The Maryville Forum

I missed you guys.

A little over a year ago, I made a tough decision. The decision was to move to a part of the country I’d never even visited before.

It was the right decision.

As I wrote in the space a year ago, my goal when I got into journalism was experience what it was like to cover a major Division-I program. Last year, the Opelika-Auburn News with its newspaper section revolving around Auburn University, gave me the opportunity to do that as their sports editor.

Now I have made another tough decision, but one I’m just as confident is the right one for me. Starting today, I’m rejoining the staff here at The Maryville Forum as the sports editor.

Over the course of my year in Alabama, I have learned more about sports journalism than I’ve ever learned in one year’s time. I look forward to bringing back that experience to Maryville and implementing those lessons with Northwest Missouri State and our high school beats.

One area I’m looking to build on is The Forum’s necessity as an every-day resource for an area sports fan. I hope to greatly expand our social media and multimedia usage as we go.

The Forum’s print product will obviously remain the staple product for our coverage and that will continue to be something I take great pride in putting together each week. However, being a weekly newspaper, we are able spend that extra time expanding our other offerings.

I love the traditional print newspaper product as much as anyone I know, but that is just not how I take in a majority of my news. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I still value opening up the newspaper each week and going through it, but I plan to give you multiple avenues in which to take in the news.

Having more options is never a bad thing and if you decide you prefer the print product, I will still be dedicating just as much time to making that as great as it can be.

We will share more about those upcoming offerings at a later date, but just know they are coming.

I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be back at a newspaper I love in a sports community that I also love. It gets said a lot, but Northwest and the area high schools are special, and the way the community embraces those teams is special.

I’m thankful to work for Phil and Chaundee Cobb once more. Despite all Maryville has going for it as a sports town, I wouldn’t have made the decision to come back if it wasn’t for what I know about them and what they are like to work for.

That goes for the entire staff at The Forum as well. It is a small group, but a hard-working group who are very good at what they do and love this community.

I’d also like to thank Tucker Franklin who took over covering sports when I left and did a fantastic job. I became a consumer of northwest Missouri media during my year away and Tucker did a wonderful job. He continued to raise the bar and I look forward to trying to implement some of the ideas that I saw him have success with.

Now with all that mushy stuff out of the way, I’m ready to get back to work.

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