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Maryville's Cailyn Auffert chips onto the 18th green on Monday in Cameron.

CAMERON, Mo. — For the second time this summer, Cailyn Auffert played in a Northwest Missouri Junior Tour event. And for the second time, the Spoofhound upcoming sophomore took home first place in her division.

Auffert put up a 93 on Cameron’s Veterans Memorial Golf Course on Monday to win the girls’ 14 and 15 age division.

“I did better than I thought I would,” Auffert said with a laugh. “I didn’t really know what to expect with the course.”

Monday presented a different challenge than Auffert’s first round with the Junior Tour. Two weeks ago, she defended her home course at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park.

This week, the challenge was to play on a course she is much less familiar with. She enjoyed that aspect of the round however.

“It is definitely useful because it helps me get used to all the courses,” Auffert said. “Each one prepares me a little more.”

While the course wasn’t as familiar, Auffert did get to play with a familiar person as she was paired with classmate Alana Crawford for the 18 holes. Crawford was third in the division with a 128.

“I like playing with a teammate,” Auffert said. “It is less stressful and it is a little more chill.”

In typical Jacob Scott fashion, the Maryville upcoming sophomore was focused on a few strokes he would have liked back after his round on Monday. But also in typical Jacob Scott fashion, he still managed to make it around the course with a score in the 70’s.

Scott shot a 77 and finished as the second lowest-scoring boys round in the tournament. He was edged out for first in his 14-15 year-old boys division by Raiden Paniagua’s 75.

“It is alright,” Scott said. “I’m mad, but I’m not too mad."

It was also Scott’s first road trip on the Junior Tour and he enjoyed playing the unfamiliar course.

“It is kind of cool to see another course and test your game a bit,” Scott said. “You are kind of coming in blind because you don’t know the misses out here.”

Jacob’s twin brother Ethan Scott finished with an 84.

Ethan Evans has played every Junior Tour event this season. The upcoming sophomore wasn’t in the varsity lineup last season for Maryville, but is working hard to improve his game and climb that hierarchy this coming year.

“It is helping me get better at what I love to do — playing golf,” Evans said.

Evans finished with a 125 on Monday.

“I am working on putting and chipping and getting better at those,” Evans said.

While the high-school golfers play 18 holes, the junior tour is also a place for the younger golfers to get a taste of competition with 9-hole events. Maryville 10 year-old Colin Hoffmann is one who is taking advantage of that.

“I like playing with other kids — seeing how good I can be, seeing how good I am, seeing how the other kids are and seeing if I can beat them whenever I grow up,” Hoffmann said.

Hoffmann finished with a 40 to tie for second in his 9-11 age division. Drake Weaver won the division with a 37.

“I played well, but I didn’t feel like I played the best because I had some bad holes and it didn’t do well with my score,” Hoffmann said. “But I felt like came though at the end with good putts today. I didn’t hit my driver the best, but I felt like I still played well and still tried my hardest.”

The Northwest Missouri Junior Tour continues next Monday in Chillicothe.

Northwest Missouri Junior Tour

Top-3 Placers

At Cameron

16-18 Boys — 1. Baker Fredal 80, 2. Stefan Loewe 92. 16-18 Girls — 1. Jaida Cox 84, 2. Lexi Hutten 92, 3. Mollee Olszwaka 100. 14-15 Boys — 1. Raiden Paniagua 75, 2. Jacob Scott 77, 3. Brady Stice 79. 14-15 Girls — 1. Cailyn Auffert 93, 2. Alana Crawford 128. 12-13 Boys — 1. Luke Dale 43, 1. Charlie DeMeyer 43, 3. Sullivan Bird 45. 12-13 Girls — 1. Alayna Pargus 59, 2. Lillie Carpenter 63. 9-11 Boys — 1. Drake Weaver 37, 2. Colin Hoffmann 40, 2. Hank Judah 40, 2. Turner Jackson 40, 2. Jameson Marshall 40. 9-11 Girls — 1. Kindell Owen 44, 2. Presleigh Kendall 53.