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It’s been a growing season of extremes for Wisconsin farmers in 2021. After smaller-than-normal snowfalls melted in late February, thoughts of an early spring were on the minds of farmers. A dry spring held those thoughts in check as temperatures see-sawed from cooler than to warmer than normal throughout April and May. Field work progressed unabated by weather concerns; corn and soybeans went in the ground without delay. By late May almost all of corn and soybeans had emerged; it was time to bring in the first crop of hay throughout Wisconsin.

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The year 2021 has been dry in far-northern Wisconsin. Drought maps show part of the area has had normal rainfall. But farms in northern Bayfield County have had little or no rain; fields are abnormally dry. Spring 2021 followed a winter with little snow, hence little ice melt. May was cold and had less-than-normal precipitation.


Monday morning brought mixed emotions for me. Waking up I knew the time had finally come. I would be forced to send off the last of my family …