Larry Anderson

A current USA Today poll put President Biden’s approval rating at 41%, a plummet of around ten points in a matter of days. It’s possible Americans are beginning to see through the liberal chrysalis at last and remorse has settled.

Let’s briefly review where we were during Trump B C (before COVID). A measly year and a half ago, Americans were enjoying a fair tax cut, historically low unemployment, the security of several critical SCOTUS appointments, a lusty stock market, nonexistent inflation, an increasingly secure Southern border, a decline in international terrorism, and a rise in respect among allies. These are big points everyone should remember easily. There are others.

Democrats used the COVID upheaval and a steady stream of hate to defeat Trump, easily our most effective president since Ronald Reagan. While Trump was right on virtually every issue, he, unfortunately, lacked verbal elegance and political charm. As an outsider, he was ripe for leftist degradation. 

That’s water under the bridge, of course, but look at us now.

The border is wide open. Construction of the wall has been stopped even though it has been reported contractors are still being paid millions not to work. Nothing disrespects American taxpayers more than paying construction companies to build nothing, but there it is. 

Inflation is rising, but its threat and severity have been dismissed by this administration. Democrats aren’t concerned, they say, about the highest inflation rate in forty years, one that presently outpaces income gains.

The present jobless rate is over five per cent, but many employers can’t find workers or, at least, people willing to work when they are paid not to by their government. Meanwhile, undocumented laborers are flooding the country by the hundreds of thousands while Democrats go mute on cost and risk.     

Prices are rising exponentially. A dollar doesn‘t stretch very far and means little.

Fuel is no longer inexpensive. Odds are great it will continue to rise considering the forthcoming Green New Deal included in the huge, inflation-inducing spending bill working its way through Congress.

The national debt has reached $28 trillion with no curb to spending in sight. Tax increases loom.

The aforementioned and a hefty list of other ills isn’t what screwed the pooch for Uncle Joe. Americans are accustomed to the disparity between liberal promises and actual accomplishment. Biden’s plunge was achieved by his administration’s breathtaking incompetence concerning Afghanistan in which Biden went for willy-nilly. 

Anyone with a lick of sense knows you pull out vulnerable civilian personnel, U.S. and Afghani, first, using the military and superior weaponry to protect them. Then weaponry is removed while carefully ascertaining further need. Ground military is withdrawn last because it is best able to defend itself.  

That’s pretty basic. Surely, Biden, considering his long political tenure, was informed the most logical plan would be to follow the above. Instead there was chaos, incredible danger for those there, and the stink of defeat. Excuses followed as they invariably do, but a likely explanation is Biden refused to follow a Trump blueprint. 

So people died. For that.

America looks like a failure. Our international prestige, credibility and leadership took a huge unnecessary hit. Sure, it was President Bush who put us into Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago, but it was Biden who took us out. He owns that development. 

This whole experience must be shattering for the military and civilian personnel who served in Afghanistan. The Taliban, al Qaeda and Isis can return to their fanatical way better armed now than ever. We have aided our most dangerous enemies with left-behind, state-of-the-art weapons. Who else does that?

All the Taliban had to do to get what they wanted was wait for Joe Biden.

I am saddened and embarrassed about Afghanistan, but I also have to wonder if we will ever learn that the liberal mindset spreads disaster at home and elsewhere. Will we ever understand that nation building doesn’t work and throwing trillions of our national wealth at other countries will ultimately fail? Donald Trump understood that and tried to change it. Look what happened to him.

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.