EDITORIAL MUG: Larry Anderson

On December 26 the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Football Team 56-14 in one of this year’s most lopsided games. It was obvious the Cowboys came to play; Washington showed up for a beating.

As fans know anything can happen on any given Sunday, but a butt whupping this bad is hard to explain even when considering injuries, COVID and errors on the field as factors. I have another theory about what happened. It has to do with identity.

As you likely know, the Washington Redskins are no more. They forfeited their historic title for the generic Washington Football Team in the belief this new name could not possibly offend anyone, even those perpetually offended within the PC crowd’s twisted world of make-believe. There now stands a neutered version of a football team without history, meaning or purpose. Indeed, some players appeared to have no skin in the game, perhaps because it wasn’t clear for whom they were playing. No wonder they lost.

Offense and outrage are the weapons of the left which scored when it got Washington to change its name, clearly a power thing far more than a triumph in justice. The Washington Football Team has become a sad example for what can happen when political correctness produces disillusionment.

Washington will come up with a new title for its struggling football venture, but it must be careful not to offend those already primed for it. They can’t become the Generals; that’s too militaristic. They shouldn’t choose the Renegades; that’s too suggestive of non-conformity. They surely can’t become the Warriors; that’s way too reminiscent of the past. You see why players may feel disenfranchised.

It’s getting embarrassing, these clumsy attempts at appeasement that leave weakness in their wake. It’s bad for morale, but sometimes we pay for what we are made to tolerate.

There are more critical matters about which to be embarrassed if one leans leftward.

Biden recently declared the defeat of COVID must come from the states, not the federal government as touted. In other words Big Government isn’t a tidy solution to every problem nor is the issuing of the mandates many of us scorn as political in intent and questionable in result.

Now, you may remember the horrible, awful Donald Trump advocated letting states handle the COVID thing in the belief there were substantial differences between states in terms of spreading and severity. For this Trump was attacked relentlessly by left-wing haters and big media which had become experts on the illness overnight.

Biden’s new position is tantamount to a flip. Biden has conceded Trump was on to something when he advocated the feds as backup where needed the most. Trump had a plan after all, and Biden is admitting COVID is a problem that can’t be fixed with promises.

Gosh, that has to be embarrassing for liberals. 

Gavin Newsom is the uber liberal governor of California who believes incarceration is bad for criminals. He has released many from jail on the slippery slope of somehow rectifying injustice through a clear contempt for public safety. 

Some liberal municipalities in the state have confined the prosecution of property crimes to those above $950. The result is an upswing of thefts around $949. Who knew this was inevitable? Anyone who hasn’t had a liberal lobotomy is the answer. 

Liberalism in California has tied the hands of police, limited prosecution, and stopped or hindered jail time. Victims’ rights mean less than perpetrators’. 

The result of all this is an upswing in serious crime as defined by opportunity for criminals and an accompanying contempt for law or order. Newsom, who is responsible for much of this utter stupidity, sidestepped embarrassment by passing responsibility to California’s mayors. One liberal mayor elsewhere reinforced dumb by blaming smash and grab crimes on retailers. It’s nonsensical, but stupid is as stupid does.

That’s the liberal way though. Make a mess. Feign concern. Blame someone else. Step away. Party on.

How crippling. How deadly and chaotic. How embarrassing to be so wrong. Thank God for the Chiefs, courageous police, and a sane governor here in the belt buckle. Back them all.

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.