Larry Anderson

It is easier to lose a country than you may think.

In September of 1939, Germany invaded its neighbor Poland. A month later the Polish army was utterly defeated and the country was nothing more than a satellite of its conqueror.

Invasion is one way a country can be lost. History offers many examples.

Of course we know there is zero chance Canada will invade the United States. A different case can be made concerning our southern neighbor since it is obvious illegal immigration is not only sanctioned by our present government but encouraged by Mexico‘s. Various excuses have been created to cover what amounts to invasion, but not everyone is fooled. We have eyes.

It is far more likely our country will be lost from internal divisions. A forced change in outlook is the most likely driver in a society enraptured by social media and corrupted by arrogant politics. Ideological saturation can overwhelm traditional values. That is certainly an objective of the left and is underway.

America is a democracy and a republic. We freely elect citizens to represent us in our chosen form of government, but once there politicians have the authority to act without our input. This is necessary in a country as large and as complex as ours. Our most important check on governmental power remains the vote. Any change in this system is a warning.

Any country can be lost when its government stops caring about what the people think and haughtily pursues its own agenda. Beware when politicians want to change courts, educational institutions, or governmental structure primarily to strengthen their political position. Be especially on guard when the Bill of Rights is scorned. 

Watch for politically-driven censorship, a tool of totalitarianism. Nothing is a greater threat  to this nation or the freedom in guards. 

It is very important to understand the left does not like America, its way of life and governance, or its economic structure. The goal is to replace it with a design more to their liking. They don’t care if you object because it isn’t about you; it is about them and how they view the world. This process is pressing forward.

Another method is to make an enemy of all who don’t conform. If you don’t think this works, then I must remind you what happened to Donald Trump. Here was a president who delivered on virtually every campaign promise, who quickly developed an awesome, thriving economy, and who put people to work, but when it came to re-election, he lost. One important reason is the left’s endless stream of hatred directed at the person proving them wrong every day. 

Irresponsible change is probable when all anyone hears is negative. More so if accomplishments go underreported or ignored. These practices harm the country. Trust erodes. Trust is glue. No glue, no national solidarity.

It behooves the left to color white men as racist, misogynistic, and greedy as a means of appeal to those outside that demographic. This is itself racist and divisive, but the goal is to alienate and punish all outside the liberal coffin. The harm to America is deep.

A country can be lost when hate, accusation and fear replaces analysis, cooperation and unity. One can’t sensibly claim unity as a goal while simultaneously diminishing others, but the left gets away with it every day. Big media assists.

A sign of hazard ahead is turning the country away from law and order. This is happening in cities like St. Louis which has the highest crime rate in the country. The mayor wants to deny funds to police.  Any chance this is a bad idea? 

Change will always occur, but it isn’t always wise. Or necessary.

Last election liberal big media made sure everyone understood there was “no widespread fraud.” Well, folks, election fraud isn’t widespread; it is concentrated in the areas where votes are needed most. Many times it only takes a few extra votes to achieve a majority in a small number of critical precincts. Past statistics are the guide and dishonesty the captain.

Watch for changes in rules regarding voting. Ask yourself who benefits? 

When a president becomes little more than a purveyor of mindless social change, it is always good to ask yourself who’s dangling the marionette? Citizens who don’t question or investigate are also a menace to their country.

These are ways a nation can be lost that go beyond geography, borders and boundaries. There are others in play. I suspect you have observed them already as they are plentiful. 


Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.