Larry Anderson

As the coronavirus was taking root in the American psyche, I became curious how long it would take before it became political hash.

Not long.

We aren’t wrestling now with an obnoxious virus alone but with a stricken economy and kids at home. Symptoms include not only an elevated temperature but the paralysis of boredom. We want to move on and not later.

In politics fault and opportunity are soon synonymous when the natives are restless. Those who boast unproven abilities may find new support from a displaced population very aware none of this is their doing.

If responsibility can be politicized, then blame can be affixed. There is nothing wrong with naming those liable for a crisis, of course, as long as the accusation is accurate and just. 

Seeing sickness spread, eager liberals pointed their arthritic fingers at where the buck stops. The president wasn’t prepared for what he didn’t know was coming, they claimed indignantly. There weren’t enough kits to diagnose a virus that hadn’t previously existed. There weren’t enough ventilators, enough masks, enough beds, and it was all the fault of that devil, Donald Trump. The president, in other words, should have known what was happening in Wuhan, China, through some mysterious osmosis and snapped his fingers, thereby fixing all problems with the ease of a wizard. 

The left’s position is absurd, of course, as is the implication Uncle Joe could somehow do better. All the Democrats have to do is convince Americans that Biden cares more than Trump and that is somehow enough to throttle disease. Votes can follow when temperament has been honed by nonstop messaging. 

Before the coronavirus arrived, the economy was in bloom. Now it’s not. Allegedly Trump can no longer claim what was an obvious success. The crisis has brought subsidies, separation and downsizing, liberal delights one and all. Don’t kid yourself, leftist politicians are cheered by a suddenly ailing economy ripe for political exploitation. They sniff power renewal.

A couple of months ago, unemployment was at 3.5%; now it is in double digits. It was Trump’s calamity claims the competition, but you won’t fall for that, will you? Trump had the unemployment number the lowest ever before the virus arrived. He can do it again, but patience will be required. There is more to overcome than ever.

Another break for the left is the cover the virus provides. Following the Dems’ miserable failure to get Trump out of office via impeachment, they were in need of political shelter. Now big media has plenty to talk about without mentioning the impeachment hoax or Uncle Joe’s alleged sexual harassment allegation or his apparent senility. Preoccupation is an aid, you see, with Biden tucked safely away in his basement. 

You have probably noticed the left has been sneaking in its agenda under the coronavirus blanket. Liberals, for instance, have long held the view criminals are nothing more than victims of a failed racist society that locks up innocents. 

Now some states have released criminals from prison without regard for public safety, the hard, dangerous work of the police who busted them, or for justice rendered. Supposedly, criminals are being let go for their own health, but there’s far more to it than that. It too neatly follows the liberal line of systemic victimization and isn’t prison guaranteed quarantine?

Some lefties are now vigorously advocating a guaranteed income for all whether one works or not. All the country needs is a Congress willing to print money nonstop and to tax the incentive out of those still productive. Sound good?

Of course, this madness is massive redistribution of wealth, a fundamental tenet of failed socialism. They’re just calling it something else. Don’t fall for that either.

Who demands such nonsense? Well, Nancy Pelosi, AOC and Gavin Newsom among others. Check these developments out. They make interesting reading heading into the election downswing, and there is no shortage of shenanigans to analyze. Besides it’s something to do while behind the mask so closely resembling the bad boys in westerns of yore.

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.