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Maryville R-II School District

MARYVILLE, Mo. — Maryville R-II Superintendent Becky Albrecht has announced that 99 students signed up to take part in the online Spoofhound Academy for at least the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

The school district was required to offer alternative methods for teaching in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of its reentry plan.

The deadline to sign up for Spoofhound Academy was Wednesday and Albrecht said Thursday afternoon that the numbers may change slightly after the district reaches out to parents.

The breakdown of those who signed up for the online school is as follows: Kindergarten – four; First grade – 10; Second grade – two; Third grade – seven; Fourth grade – six; Fifth grade – six; Sixth grade – 19; Seventh grade –10; Eighth grade – 12; Freshmen – four; Sophomore – eight; Junior – six; and Senior – five.

Albrecht said there were a few more students withdrawing for homeschooling than she expected. Fifteen students were withdrawn entirely to be homeschooled, most of those in kindergarten through fifth grade. This totals 114 or 8.2 percent of students who will not attend in-person classes.

“I didn’t really know what to expect,” Albrecht said on the phone. “Some of the larger schools around had more kids, you know 15 to 20 percent at different places. Even though that sounds a little high it’s not compared to some of the other districts I’ve talked to.”

She said the district plans to reach out to parents likely next week to discuss with them what the semester looks like and what to expect.

“I think some of them might change their mind after they hear what’s expected,” Albrecht said. “The number could go up or down.”

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade will be taught utilizing the Launch system out of Springfield, Missouri. Those classes begin Monday, Aug. 24, one day earlier than the R-II district.

“We’ll have to pay Launch for all the kids that are enrolled, for the classes they are taking,” she said. “So it gets a little expensive for us.”

The same cannot be said for students in seventh grade through 12th grade. They will receive their education through Fuel Ed, a company that the district has long used the courses for credit recovery courses.

“It really won’t be an additional cost for us, so that’s kind of nice,” she said.

Parents of students signed up for Spoofhound Academy can expect to hear from the district next week.

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