The Maryville Treatment Center is shown Monday morning. On Dec. 31, offenders housed in the facility destroyed property during a disturbance reported by the Missouri Department of Corrections.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — Ending 2020 on a destructive note, offenders in a housing unit at the Maryville Treatment Center damaged property on New Year’s Eve.

According to a report from the Missouri Department of Corrections, at approximately 10:20 p.m. Dec. 31, three offenders suspected of consuming an intoxicating substance were questioned by officers. They refused to cooperate and began destroying property within the housing wing. They were soon joined by other offenders in the unit.

“Trained corrections professionals handled the situation,” the report noted.

No staff or offender injuries were reported. Peaceful residents were removed from the wing, the area was contained and Maryville Public Safety was notified.

Acting MPS Director Ron Christian told The Forum on Monday that officers were notified at the time, but were asked mostly to provide backup on the exterior of the facility.

“We weren’t on the inside,” he said. “They did ask for assistance mainly in keeping the perimeter secure. … They have their own security.”

He noted that the teams take a little while to be placed because members come from different areas of northwest Missouri.

“Our main emphasis was just simply making sure that the perimeter was secure so the problem was contained within the facility and to provide some backup security for their on-duty personnel.”

The incident resulted in extensive structural and property damage to the wing, including the administration area, treatment and staff offices. The extent of the damage is still being assessed while the incident is under investigation.