Shown is the Nodaway County Ambulance District headquarters. At its most recent meeting, the board of directors discussed a project that would create additional space to socially distance crews due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Nodaway County Ambulance District Board of Directors is considering three options regarding new construction at district headquarters to separate staff.

What started as a more immediate need to separate ambulance staff members during the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a months-long project to decide how best to do it.

The first of three options on the table includes building a 750-square-foot add-on structure over a storm shelter for around $100,000. This option would include two bedrooms, one bathroom and a commons area.

For a cost somewhere between $225,000 and $250,000, Option No. 2 would have a full basement with 1,600 square feet of space, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a commons area. This would allow for future expansion should it be needed in the future.

Option No. 3 involved placing on a slab foundation: four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a common area for 1,516 square feet at a cost of $200,000.

Assistant Director Jared McQueen told the board that the second option would also allow for a patio or deck which might help draw applicants.

Board President Herb Snodderley questioned whether or not there is enough room for it.

Some discussion was held regarding the process, whether a general contractor or architect would need to be hired for the project, and who it could be if some of the people helping the board with estimates now plan to bid the project.

“I think you’re going to run into a conflict,” said board member Scott Walk.

Snodderley agreed saying, “It gives them a competitive advantage,” while bidding on the project.

Board members selected Option No. 2 because it had offered the most options for future development.

“If it helps add another shift in the future … you know some days are kind of busy,” McQueen said.

Walk said he liked the basement idea and that even though it’s the most expensive it better meets the needs of the district. He suggested district staff look into requesting CARES Act funding, because this build was not in the budget and is specifically to help personnel separate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board member Phil Rickabaugh suggested the district contact the city to get all the “ducks in a row.”

Other news

  • Walk informed board members that he will be resigning from the board before the end of December. His subdistrict No. 5 will need a replacement and the board will need to select a new treasurer at that time. “Thank you for all your years,” said board member Rick Allen.
  • The board approved a new health insurance option that will allow any employee to accept Plan B to utilize a Health Savings Account.
  • Board members discussed changing the days and hours worked by current C shift employees. According to the meeting minutes, the days C shift would work would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Those shifts would be 13 hours per day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Call volume is listed as the main factor for the change, but this also would allow them to trade shifts with each other a lot easier. The board appeared to like the change, but no decision was made. McQueen was to discuss it with Director Bill Florea upon his return to the office.
  • Board members discussed three hardship cases in a closed session lasting over an hour. According to meeting minutes, McQueen was to handle the cases.
  • The board approved a performance incentive of $512.50 and a merit raise of 18 cents to Jeff Hall. Employee Morgan Wheeler received a PI of $525 and a merit raise of 19 cents.
  • McQueen reported to the board that the district sales tax revenue deposit was $82,500.12, a 7.54 percent increase from the previous year. He noted that call volumes are still down by about 96 calls.
  • The district purchased and had installed intercoms to help with communication between crew members during calls, but there is a lot of static for being hardwired into the ambulances. According to meeting minutes, the district is waiting on Midwest Mobile to try a demonstration unit they have.
  • Two subdistricts are up for election. Subdistrict 1’s seat currently held by Allen and Subdistrict 4’s seat currently held by Rickabaugh. Filing starts Tuesday, Dec. 15. Anyone interested in serving on the board may file from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Jan. 19, 2021.

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