New board members

Kenna Parman, Maryville R-II Board of Education secretary, swears in new board members Traci Westfall and JR Kurz at an April 19 meeting.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Maryville R-II Board of Education approved the sale of 20 acres of property to The Fields Paintball during its monthly meeting on April 19.

The school approved sale and lease of the property, located east of the high school football stadium, to the locally owned business for $180,000.

According to co-owner Chelsey Clark, The Fields plans on utilizing the property to construct a permanent paintball park.

“We’re very thankful to the school district for the amazing community partners they have proven to be throughout this process,” she said. “This means that we will be able to move forward with the process of completing a paintball park in the Maryville area. That has been our goal since we started this journey and we know the players cannot wait to have a place to play.”

The property won’t change hands for five years, according to the agreement. Instead, The Fields will first lease the roperty over that time for $10,000.

The lease of the property, which began immediately upon approval, is for a fixed period of five years at $166.67 per month, giving The Fields ample time to accomplish their goals without risk to the school district.

“While we’re going to get started on building the park immediately, we’re still working on an exact opening date and will announce it to the public as soon as we can,” Clark said.

The board also swore in its two newly elected members: Traci Westfall and JR Kurz. The top two leadership spots on the board flip-flopped as Sean Wiedmaier was elected board president and Jason Haer was named vice president.

The board voted to reinstate a kindergarten teaching position that had been eliminated for the current school year due to lower enrollment. There are currently four kindergarten classes in the district, with the change bringing it back to five. It is expected that the change will allow for approximately 15-16 students per class with the anticipated enrollment numbers. Should enrollment surge, the additional class would allow those numbers to be spread out simply without greatly increasing the number of students per class.

According to superintendent Becky Albrecht, the need is even greater this upcoming school year as many preschool age children missed time this academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that the students may be a little behind in certain aspects than in most years.

“With fewer kids in a classroom, the teachers (will be) better equipped to handle that for social skills and academics,” she said.

Albrecht and supervisor of buildings and grounds Adam Townsend were authorized by the school board to open the bids for concrete work on district property. The authorization allows them to view the bids and award the contract to the lowest acceptable bidder.



  • Anne Chambers, teacher for visually impaired, effective at the end of the school year
  • Miranda Foster, PE teacher at high school, effective at end of school school year
  • Kellen Overstreet, high school football assistant coach, effective April 7
  • Maddison Hayes, youth development worker, effective April 7
  • Peri Rainey, paraprofessional at Eugene Field Elementary School, effective April 29
  • Santa Childs, youth development worker at EFES, effective April 30
  • Keitlin LaFaver, youth development worker at EFES and the Maryville Early Childhood Center, effective May 7
  • Emily Polacek, paraprofessional at elementary school, effective May 12
  • Brianna Biegel, youth development worker at EFES and MECC, effective May 13
  • Emma Dorsey, youth development worker at EFES and MECC, effective May 14
  • Hannah Staggs, youth development worker at EFES, effective May 20


  • Dallas Barrett, 2020-2021 high school wrestling head coach, reassigned to 2021-2022 high school wrestling assistant coach
  • Howard Dumke, 2020-2021 high school wrestling assistant coach, reassigned to 2021-2022 high school wrestling head coach
  • Kallyn Carl, 2021 third grade teacher, reassigned to 2021-2022 second grade teacher
  • Katherine Phillips, 2020-2021 special education teacher at elementary school, reassigned to 2021-2022 second grade teacher

Recommendations for Employment

  • Travis Hoffman, evening custodian at high school, effective May 26
  • Jennifer Judd, head custodian at high school, effective May 26
  • Sarah Walker, English teacher at high school, 2021-2022 school year
  • Breanna Kay Epperson, youth development worker at EFES, effective April 26
  • Paige Kioh, youth development worker at EFES, effective April 26
  • Gracie Bernal, youth development worker at EFES, effective April 26
  • Rhiannon Niemeier, youth development worker at EFES, effective April 26
  • Sabryn Dobbins, special education teacher at EFES, 2021-2022 school year

Other news

  • Andrew Zhao was recognized as being one of the Missouri Top 100 Scholars
  • Grace McKim and Quenton Kinderknecht have been selected to represent the Kansas City/St. Joseph district at the NCFL Grand National Tournament.
  • Noel Hardin won the regional Optimist Oratorical contest.
  • Heidi Webster, middle school counselor, was named NW Counseling Association’s Counselor of the Year.
  • Sara Eckstein, Jag Galapin and Matt Goodridge placed first in the SkillsUSA Career Pathways Showcase with their presentation in regard to vaping and its dangers. Brooklynn Holtman, Cleo Johnson and Lucas Klotz placed seventh in broadcast journalism. Lucas Klotz and Connor Blackford, placed sixth in sports and entertainment management team
  • High school graduation will be at 2 p.m., May 16 at the football stadium. Kindergarten graduation will be May 13 at the Lee and Nina Schneider Center for the Performing Arts.
  • The next board meeting will be on Wednesday, May 19.