Nodaway County Health Department vaccine registration

Candidates for the Nodaway County Health Board answer questions before the April 6 election.

Bridget Kenny


Spouse: TJ Kenny

Children, age, school: None

Current job:  Community Health Nurse Liaison – Mosaic Medical Center Maryville since December 2020

Degrees:  BSN

Other relatable boards or positions: Over the course of the past 20 years I have served on several committees within the hospital. As of December 2020 was appointed as interim to the Nodaway County Health Board when Jackie Ross (previous Community Health Nurse Liaison) retired from her position at the hospital and the Board.  Recently elected to the Nodaway County University of Missouri Extension Council.

1 - My career path has provided the opportunity to be a more valuable member of this community.  I feel my healthcare experience and eagerness to help to build a strong and healthy community also drives me to want to be contributor on the Nodaway County Health Board.  

2 - I feel priorities are based on needs.  One of the current priorities of the board is ensuring that the Health Department has the proper staff and tools needed to keep our community safe against the Covid-19 virus.  This priority will eventually change, but I do not have my own agenda.

 3 - The Nodaway County Health Department protects our community by supporting the decisions of the local governments.  The organization has been instrumental in testing and alerting community members of exposure and is now taking one more step as they have contributed manpower & vaccine to Community Vaccine clinics.  To date the efforts of Nodaway County Health Department, Mosaic Medical Center – Maryville, Northwest Missouri State University, and the Nodaway County Ambulance have safely delivered over 5,500 first and second doses of vaccine.

4 - I am very excited to serve this amazing community to the best of my ability in as many roles as possible.  We (members of Nodaway County) are very blessed to reside in such a positive and supportive area.  My experience as a member of the Northwest Missouri region for nearly 38 years has shown me how great it feels to be part of a community that supports one another in happiness, celebration, sadness, pandemic, & tragedy.  My goal is to continue to stand for these values and to support decisions to maintain general safety, health, and wellness in this county.



Debra Hull


Spouse: Jason Hull

Children, age, school:  We raised our three children on our family farm near Quitman.  They all graduated from West Nodaway High School.

Current job:  I have worked at our hospital in Maryville since 2002, where I am the Diabetes Coordinator.

Degrees:  I am a Registered Nurse with my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  I am also Board Certified as a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.

Other relatable boards or positions:  I have served on the NoCoMo Board of Directors for the past four years.  I have served in many different capacities over the years, such as: SSM University Policy Board, Farmers Fall Festival Committee, WN Booster Club, WN After Prom Committee, Diabetes Support Group facilitator, diabetes camp nurse and numerous committees over the years at the hospital as well as the United Methodist Church in Maryville.

1 - I am passionate about our ability to promote positive health outcomes through lifestyle.  Our Health Center utilizes many different avenues to bring valuable health information to our community.  I would like to put my healthcare experience to work as a board member to help support and promote a healthy community. 

2 - To assure that our health department has the resources needed to continue to support the roll-out of vaccines while they continue to offer the numerous other programs that promote a healthy community.

3 - Vaccine availability and taking measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are of utmost importance at this time.  I will support making evidence-based recommendations that best fit our communities needs for optimal health outcomes, with the consideration of the data and information that is available at the time decisions need to be made.

4 - I have spent much of my time, both professionally and voluntarily working to facilitate positive health outcomes, such as co-authoring a book and directing a DVD, both on diabetes prevention, as well as countless speaking engagements on local, state, and national levels.  I care deeply about Nodaway County residents and look forward to putting my health care background to work for our community.



Mike Rosenbohm

Spouse: Marsha Rosenbohm

Children: Marc (Lacey), Megan - Marc  is an Ag Economist  with FAPRI-MU Columbia, Mo; Megan is a Grad Assistant Coach at Southwest Minnesota State University working on her Masters Degree. 

Current Job: Production Agriculture

Degrees: Graduate of Nodaway Holt High School, Attended NWMSU for the Farm Operation Certificate Program.

Boards: Starting 24th year Nodaway-Holt School Board, 35 years Graham Prairie Home Cemetery board, 2 years Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) board of directors, 3 years Golden Triangle Energy appointed Board member, Nodaway County Farm Bureau member/board member, currently  Mo Farm Bureau Feed Grain Committee Chairman, Life long member Graham United Methodist Church, Life time Member Mo. Corn Growers and Mo. Soybean Association.  Member of the Graham Lions Club.

1 - To add balance,  It appears the Health Board is gravitating towards more of a Regulatory Board and with Nodaway County Agriculture being about a $200 million dollar entity I thought maybe Agriculture needed a seat at the table.  Industry and Municipalities might give it some thought too. 

2 - Try and keep the unintended consequences from diminishing the current services provided.  With a budget of about $450,000 and several dozen very good programs there is not a lot of room for error.

3 -  Covid 19, I think the current data suggests it is not spreading. I do think the efforts Mr. Patterson and the current board took in response last year and to date has been appropriate.    It was and is a learning process. If something like this were to happen again then the knowledge  of what worked well and what might need addressed going forward has been gained.  

4 - I think the solution to most issues fall somewhere between either end of the spectrum. 



David Smith

Children: One adult daughter-Andrea

Current Job: Retired-Northwest Missouri State University

Degrees: BA - Southern Illinois University; MS, Ph.D. - Kansas State University

Boards: Past President Nodaway County Senior Center Board and Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging Board

1 - I would like to help the health department complete and set new goals for the future.

2 - Other that the current Virus and restaurant inspections, there seems to be very little additional information concerning what the department has to offer. I would like to see a more aggressive public information system for the department.

3 - The continued support of wearing masks seems to be important until the largest portion possible of the county citizens have been vaccinated. In this regard, I disagree with the Maryville council’s decision. The current vaccination process needs our support and gratitude. 

4 - After 30 some years teaching biology at Northwest, I spent a total of five years teaching in a medical school and a veterinary school. I believe in science.