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Maryville R-II School District

MARYVILLE, Mo. — Maryville R-II Superintendent Becky Albrecht noted a significant increase in district students quarantined for COVID-19 in a post Friday afternoon on the district website.

In the update, she notes that the district now has 210 students on quarantine: Maryville Early Childhood Center – 3; Eugene Field Elementary School – 27; Maryville Middle School – 103; and Maryville High School – 77. Currently the 10 students within the district have active COVID-19.

Last week, the district had only six students quarantined: MECC – 0; EFES – 1; MMS – 2; and MHS – 3.

On Monday, Albrecht noted the beginning of an increase: MECC – 3; EFES – 4; MMS – 46; MHS – 15.

Since the beginning of the school year, the district has seen 400 of the 1,434 student population quarantined and 23 have tested positive, according to the district website.

During a special meeting of the R-II Board of Education held Wednesday, Albrecht anticipated an increase in cases this week, due to a case the district knew was being traced.

At that meeting, the board approved continuation of the hybrid instruction system at the high school, with some changes to Friday virtual scheduling. That will continue until Thanksgiving break.

Albrecht stated Wednesday and reiterated in Friday's post, that the district has not had one high school student quarantined from school day related activities since moving to the hybrid system. For those who have been quarantined, the contact has occurred outside of the school day, during extracurricular activities or during their own time.

“While this schedule could be utilized at the other buildings, we are very hesitant to do so, since middle and elementary students need more direct supervision and assistance with remote learning,” Albrecht said.

She asked that parents continue to screen their children each morning and keep home any children with symptoms.

“If your student is around kids when symptomatic and later tests positive, all those close contacts will be quarantined, miss school & activities, and — even worse — could be come ill,” she said.

In addition, she asks that parents continue encouraging hygienic practices such as hand washing, social distancing and wearing a face covering.

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