Maryville BOE

Maryville R-II Board of Education members hear from Superintendent Becky Albrecht at last week’s regular board meeting held at the district office. Through non-action the board decided to allow the Maryville High School to return from a hybrid schedule to a five-day week starting Tuesday, Jan. 5.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Maryville R-II Board of Education approved through non-action, the Maryville High School returning from a hybrid schedule to a five-day school week starting Tuesday, Jan. 5.

Because the board had approved a hybrid schedule twice, it did not need to take action to allow the school’s schedule to revert to the regular school calendar.

Superintendent Becky Albrecht said district administration recommended the return after the district received updated guidance from DESE and Gov. Mike Parson regarding masks in November. This allows Missouri schools to not have as many contacts when tracing for a positive COVID-19 case, if both parties were wearing masks.

“We feel like it is the right time to go back to five days”, said Albrecht.

Board members agreed by not voting to return to the reguarl five days per week schedule for all students attending school in person.

In other virus-related news, Albrecht told board members the district still will continue to offer Spoofhound Academy classes through Launch out of Springfield and the St. Joseph School District to provide elementary courses. Older students will continue to access classes through the district’s own platform through FuelED for the second semester. She noted a couple students still plan to take MOCAP, formerly Missouri Virtual Instruction Program, courses directly through DESE.

However, the numbers are dwindling. More than 175 students were enrolled in the academy at the beginning of the school year. Heading into second semester, only 81 students have enrolled.

“We might see a few more or a few less by that time,” Albrecht said.

She noted there likely are numerous reasons why the number has dropped so significantly, it’s been difficult for students to engage, some students may have less parental support than others or even a changing attitude toward COVID-19.

Board member Josh McKim asked if students who are enrolled in virtual learning, are still not allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.

Albrecht said the current Code of Eligibility, revised in August, states that students must be enrolled in “in-person school” and regularly attend courses that offer three units of credit or 80 percent of the maximum allowable credits that may be earned, whichever is greater.

McKim noted that since the high school is headed back to full-time instruction, and students are beginning to leave Spoofhound Academy courses to return to in-person, he didn’t know how pressing the matter was anymore.

Summer school

The R-II school district is planning to hold its “Summer Journey” summer school this year, but the dates are not yet certain.

Albrecht told board members the district is planning for 17 days in June, possibly from 8 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. to get a maximum of seven hours of instruction time from June 1 – June 23.

The district still has a contract for the “Summer Journey” for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Since summer school was not held last year, Albrecht said the courses and supplies already in hand will be rolled over to the 2021 summer school.

A more detailed proposal will be available at a future meeting, but until the schedule is approved, administrators are still working on exact dates. She noted recruitment is likely set in late March or early April.

Other news

  • The board approved the audit services bid submitted by Westbrook & Co., P.C., of Richmond. Albrecht said the three-year bid of $14,000, is an increase over the previous year’s $11,000, however since the company has done a quality job in the past and it was the only bid received, she recommended it for approval.
  • Board members approved setting before and after school child care fees based on a sliding scale, during the SAC grant period of 2020-2023. For kindergarten through fourth grade students who qualify for free/reduced lunch the enrollment fee will be $10 with a $2.55 per hour starting Jan. 5.
  • The board selected Seth Nolte as the district’s nominee for the MSBA Belcher Scholarship and will award him a $250 scholarship.
  • Northwest Technical School Director Jeremy Ingraham told the board the school received a School Age Child Care grant at the end of November. The grant helps fund the after school GO program at Eugene Field Elementary School.
  • Ingraham also noted the Building Trades house is well underway and fully enclosed for the winter. Siding, inside plumbing and electrical wiring are being completed.
  • The board held the first reading of the 2021-2022 school calendar. The calendar still being worked on schedules the first day of school as Tuesday, Aug. 24 and the last day of school as Wednesday, May 18. Approval of a final calendar will be held in a future meeting.
  • Board members adopted Policy DFI, which set the tuition for district programs. The change to district policy notes that the tuition will be based on the district’s prior year expenditures per average daily attendance. Tuition for district-operated programs will be based on comparative programs in the community. Career and technical education tuition will be set at a rate no less than the per-pupil cost of the program. Previously the tuition was set at the per-pupil cost of maintaining the district’s grade-level group in in the school the student will attend.
  • The board approved adding a 2020-2021 special education paraprofessional position at the elementary school.



  • Sarah Kollitz, paraprofessional at elementary school, effective December 22, 2020
  • Hannah Morris, special education teacher at high school, effective May 21, 2021
  • Brianna O’Neal, math teacher at high school, effective June 30, 2021
  • Megan Hamilton, special education teacher at elementary school, effective June 30, 2021
  • Jamie Henggeler, 5th grade math teacher, effective June 30, 2021

Recommendations for Employment

  • Brianna Rodrick, paraprofessional at early childhood center, effective December 17, 2020
  • Halley Sims, paraprofessional at early childhood center, effective December 17, 2020
  • Peri Rainey, paraprofessional at elementary school, effective December 17, 2020
  • Emily Polacek, paraprofessional at elementary school, effective January 4, 2021
  • Christopher Koontz, maintenance worker, effective January 4, 2021
  • Karie Partridge, 2020/21 school nurse at high school, reassigned to 2021/22 health science technology teacher at technical school

Extra Duty Assignment

  • Karie Partridge, 2021/22 National Honor Society sponsor at the technical school