Shown is the Nodaway County Ambulance District headquarters. The board of directors met May 13 and discussed its financial issues in light of a decrease in calls this year.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Nodaway County Ambulance District, during a meeting held May 13, discussed financial issues in light of a decrease in calls this year.

During the meeting, director Bill Florea provided some good and bad news when it came to the district’s finances. The sales tax revenue deposit was $90,442.59, an increase of 11.3 percent from the 2019 amount.

However, the call volume decrease for NCAD this year means it could be facing a loss of nearly $81,000. Florea said the district could use stimulus money received to offset the loss. A committee of four board members — Phil Rickabaugh, Scott Walk, Pat Giesken and Carrie Sparks — will help advise Florea on applying for public assistance through the county.

The district was averaging six to seven calls per day the first two months of the year, but after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the daily average dropped to three or four.

In other money-related issues, the board approved expenditures of nearly $26,000 on two projects.

The first was replacing the air conditioning unit in the bathroom inside the building at 103 Carefree Place in Maryville. The previous unit is at least 22 years old.

The district received three bids and the board approved the bid from Geist Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. of Maryville, with the low bid of $750.

Two other Maryville companies, Sleek Creek HVAC ($1,300) and First Choice Heating & Cooling ($1,566.10), also submitted bids.

The biggest item was a cost share with the city of Maryville for emergency medical dispatch certification. The cost to the district is $25,000.

A meeting held between Florea, dispatcher Jessica Rickabaugh and Public Safety Director Keith Wood helped to explain the city’s plan on handling 911 calls.

The EMD system is a nationwide program used by most dispatching services. It provides flip cards and information that allows dispatchers to walk callers through things such as CPR or other aide to help a victim before medical attention arrives. All 911 dispatchers will have to go to a training class, which factors into the cost.

The meeting started with the election of officers for 2020-2021. Herb Snodderley will remain as the chairman, while Rick Allen is the new vice chairman, filling a role previously held by Phil Rickabaugh. Sparks will remain the secretary and Walk will serve again as treasurer.


  • The Tri-C Rescue Squad received a grant to purchase a side-by-side ATV and requested the district help pay for a QTAC bed, which costs $1,400. A motion was passed to split the cost for the item.
  • The 2019 audit has not been scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The worker’s compensation audit is scheduled for June 3, by telephone.
  • Raises were approved for four paramedics.
  • Ambulance No. 131 is ready for pickup from Iowa after getting a new “box” put on the back of the unit. The hope is to have it picked up this week, but logistics are still being worked out on making the six-hour drive.

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