Maryville Community Center reopens

The Maryville Community Center reopened over the weekend, seeing more than 160 visitors. Monday, Maryville Parks and Recreation announced a reopening schedule for all other facilities.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Maryville Parks and Recreation board set out a plan for reopening facilities and parks Monday with a timeline that would see the aquatic center and most summer activities open by June 15.

The first major facility to open was the Maryville Community Center, which began operations again over the weekend and saw more than 160 people visit.

The following proposed reopening timeline includes the community center’s opening, and is subject to change based on any new local mandates or orders that change social distancing requirements.


May 16

The Maryville Community Center opened.

Hours of operation: Mon.-Fri. 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sat. 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sun. 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Gym is closed to the public and open play. Only fitness classes allowed.
  • No one under age 16 is allowed into the community center without a supervising adult.
  • Cardio and weight equipment is limited to reflect social distancing.

June 1

  • Registration for some summer activities including Sizzlin’ Hoops and summer camp will open.
  • Reservations for meeting rooms, shelters and ball fields will begin for facilities that will open on June 15.
  • Baseball/softball practices will begin with modified rules that are to be determined.
  • One court in the community center gym will be open for open gym (pickleball, shooting hoops) except from 10 a.m.-11a.m. Mon.-Fri. for yoga classes.
  • All playgrounds and restrooms will open.
  • Other community center rules (age minimum, no child watch, etc.) remain in effect.

June 15

  • Maryville Aquatic Center opens with social distancing encouraged but few other restrictions.
  • Aquatics programming (swim lessons/water aerobics/etc.) signups begin at Maryville Aquatic Center only.
  • Maryville Community Center changes:
  • Age restriction will be lifted and Child Watch offered
  • Room rentals and civic organization meetings will be allowed with social distancing encouraged
  • Fitness classes will take place in their respective rooms at the community center
  • All courts open for play
  • Summer baseball/softball games scheduled to begin with modified rules to be determined.

July 1

  • Aquatics programming begins
  • Summer programming continues

Aquatic center

Because the aquatic center is slated to open on June 15 — after caps on gatherings and other restrictions are set to be lifted locally — no specific requirements will be in place when the pool opens.

However social distancing will still be encouraged, and some other measures will be taken to try and reduce contact. For example, all concessions will be pre-packaged food only.

Additionally, no season passes will be sold for the aquatic center — punch cards and day passes only.

MPR Director Jeff Stubblefield said he had heard from several other facilities in the region, all waiting for Maryville to make a decision on whether they would open and when.

“We’re all waiting to see who’s going to jump first before we do anything, because we aren’t getting any solid information from anyone — nobody wants to be in the chain of liability,” Stubblefield said.

But, he said later, “we need to start somewhere, somebody needs to be first.”


Baseball and softball practices are set to begin in June, as noted in the timeline, but the rules are still to be determined by the league.

Recreation Supervisor Monica Ottman said during Monday’s meeting that some towns normally involved in the league will not be participating. All parents with interested children were contacted again this week to make sure enough players will be available for teams.

If not enough teams in the league are able to participate, Ottman said they are prepared to move forward with Maryville-only teams. The biggest question mark likely will be for the older traveling teams.

Mosaic child care center

In July, Mosaic and MPR reached an agreement to allow the public to use the accessible playground at the Mosaic Child Care & Education Center.

Despite the announcement of the center’s closure earlier this month, Stubblefield said the playground will remain open for public use.

Other potential changes to the agreement, he said, haven’t been discussed yet.

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