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15 years ago - Artist Kelly Poling worked on a 13-foot-by-30-foot mural on the north wall of Pagliai’s Pizza in Maryville on Tuesday. The mural, which honors the history of Northwest Missouri State University, is Poling’s second mural in Maryville. He plans to finish the mural this week so it is ready for Northwest’s centennial Homecoming celebration over the weekend. The mural project is being coordinated through the Maryville Citizens for Community Action group.

25 years ago

  • If the City Council has their way, there will be no hunting at Mozingo Park this year, or the next several years for that matter.
    “I feel strongly there should be no hunting allowed at Mozingo for the next few years,” suggested City Manager David Angerer at last night’s meeting of the Maryville City Council. “This is still a developing area and there are many issues to be examined before we let folks go in there with guns.”
    The topic of hunting at the park was raised by council member Dale Mathes during the business portion of the meeting.
    “I ask because I have been approached already on the subject of hunting at Mozingo,” he said. “I am not personally for it, but there are many hunters in the area who hope to hunt there this year.”
    In a brief discussion, all members of the council agreed unanimously with Angerer’s suggestion. The area would be posted to keep hunters out, at least for now.
  • With nearly every seat in the audience filled at last night’s meeting of the City Council, Classic Cable President Stephen Smith personally confirmed there would not be Music Television (MTV) in Maryville in the very near future.
    While the fate of the music television channel was announced last week, Smith addressed the council and explained the workings behind the decision.
    “We simply do not have a contract with MTV network and have found it is just too expensive to justify the narrow audience it serves,” he said.
    Smith also outlined the cable system’s plans to make several other changes, such as the deletion of the Faith and Values channel and the addition of Q2, a shopping channel similar to the already-offered QVC.
    Other changes include the addition of Country Music Television, a decision Smith linked to the deletion of MTV.
    “When it was created, MTV provided just that, music television,” he said. “But these days it’s getting harder and harder to find the music videos among the shows and other offerings on that channel. We are simply attempting to offer similar entertainment until something else can be provided.”

15 years ago

  • What started out as a made-up rumor whispered among girls playing with a ouija board turned into a threat taken very seriously by law enforcement officials, and the threat caused by a lockdown situation at the Nodaway-Holt R-7 School District high school and junior high building on Monday.
    As is the case with most school violence threats, Monday turned out to be an incident-free day, and officials are trying to find out why a small rumor snowballed into the threat of a school shooting.
    “The information about the shooting came from two girls who were playing with a ouija board,” Nodaway County Sheriff Ben Espey said Monday. “They had suspended a student (previously) and it had nothing to do with a shooting threat, but that student got tied into this.”
    Espey said that after the girls determined from what they read off the ouija board that a shooting would take place at the school, they may have passed the rumor along to other students. As rumors often do, this one grew each time it was passed along, and by the weekend, the rumor had reached parents, many of whom contacted the school, law enforcement agencies and local news organizations.

5 years ago

  • Towns in the United States often took their names from European analogs. Sometimes all that was added was “New,” and that’s how New York and New Hampshire happened. Other places were named using anglicized versions of Native American words, like Missouri or Alabama.
    A few, like Maryville, were named after real people.
    Maryville’s namesake, Mary Graham, is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, along with her husband, Amos Graham, and their son Charles and his wife, Donna Isora.
    Terry Sloniker, the sexton at Oak Hill Cemetery, said he noticed that a piece of Graham’s monument had broken off last year. …
    So he called Mark Allen of Clinton L Allen Monuments in Maryville and asked him if he could fix Mary Graham’s marker. And last week Allen sent a crew to Oak Hill to restore the stone free of charge. …
    The monument consists of four pieces, and workers had to lift it with a crane. Graham’s stone hadn’t fallen, but it was leaning enough that it needed to be leveled. …
    Allen said the project interested him because he wanted to preserve Maryville history. Running a family monument business has engendered a feeling of civic spirit in Allen, and he said he tries to lead a company that is community minded.

  • The New Nodaway Humane Society Board of Directors held its annual membership meeting Tuesday, and the talk soon turned to money.
    Board President Doug Sutton began the session with a discussion on the society’s financial status with regard to operations at its local no-kill animal shelter.
    City of Maryville funding for Humane Society shelter operations was reduced for fiscal year 2015-’16 from $82,000 to $60,000 due to budget constraints.
    Sutton said the cut poses a challenge for the society, but that the reduction is offset somewhat by $12,000 the city is providing for new LED lighting at the shelter, which will reduce energy costs.

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