BARNARD, Mo. — South Nodaway students went for a Friday afternoon walk around Barnard dressed as dinosaurs, a video game character Bendy, princesses, Kansas City Chiefs players and even Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. 

During their parade students waved to Barnard residents like Tillie Snyder and her son Dennis Snyder, who sat in chairs taking in the parade of children walking, and sometimes skipping, down city streets with smiling faces. 

"I was born and raised in Barnard so I just came to bring mom down here watch all the kids go by," Dennis said. "We couldn't have had a better day."

Not only did the students get out of school, but they also got in some early trick or treating. While passing by the local senior housing, resident Karla Davis, and manager Judy Ross along with her dog Chucky handed out two bowls worth of candy to the "ghouls" and "bears," who rounded the corner and headed back to school.