The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Tuesday, March 16.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Scott Walk, and County Clerk Melinda Patton 

• Approvals and requisitions: Pro-rated liquor license for Quick Run, LLC. Coroner to Steve Whittington for pay and cell phone reimbursement; Sheriff to Falls City Mercantile, Graves Food, Hy-Vee for inmate food and supplies; Road and Bridge to Jason Gray for reimbursement; to Gray Oil for fuel.

• The commission reviewed the following information received by mail or email: University of Missouri Extension Council Certificate of Membership and Officers. Financial Statement for Monroe Township. Extension Council Expense report (February 2021).

• B. Walker reported back to the commission that he had talked with Dave Schmidt regarding the county loan. In the afternoon, Schmidt came in to meet with the commission and Marilyn Jenkins, collector/treasurer to discuss the loan agreement. Schmidt will run some numbers to see if a lump sum payment would benefit the county with the penalty.

• Ed Walker, road and bridge supervisor discussed current bridge status with the commission.

• J & S Cleaning will be doing a VCT scrub high speed buff for all three floors (including the Sheriff’s Department and bathrooms) of the Administration Center on Friday, May 7, 2021. A call was made to IHP regarding the boiler at the courthouse. A call was taken from Johnson Controls regarding security. A conference call was set up with a representative on April 8, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

• Bid opening was held for Lawn Care. Bids were submitted by Precision Lawn Care and Thomas’ Lawn Care, LLC submitted sealed bids for the lawn care at the courthouse and the jail. The commissioners reviewed and compared the bids and made a call to Precision Lawn Care for clarification on his bid. Following discussion, Thomas’ Lawn Care’s bid was accepted. A call was made to both companies.     

• Garry McFee, representative for Howe Engineering, came in to talk about county projects with the commission.

Marilyn Jenkins, collector/treasurer, presented the Form 205 Report (Collector’s Annual Settlement) for the commission to review and the clerk to sign off on and send in. Jenkins discussed with the commission the remaining CARES Act funds that will go out this week. They also reviewed the information presented on the American Rescue Plan that will go directly to the counties.

Kim Mildward with Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments, stopped in to give an update to the commissioners on the status of the Historical Preservation Grant feasibility study taking place at the courthouse.  While on site, Mildward discussed the environmentals for the BRO Bridge #62. A call was placed to Andy Macias of Snyder and Associates for an update.

The commission called Aaron Ambrose, broker with Cornell Insurance regarding an email he had sent regarding Workman’s Compensation insurance, 

The Nodaway County Commission did not meet in regular session on Thursday, March 18. 

Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker and North District Commissioner Chris Burns traveled to Worth County to attend the Northwest Missouri Regional Commissioner’s meeting. South District Commissioner Scott Walk attended a training in Jefferson City for State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) Floodplain Management.