The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Tuesday, January 5.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Scott Walk, and County Clerk Melinda Patton 

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Invoice to Devnet; Clerk Fee Report (December 2020)

• Ed Walker, road and bridge supervisor, discussed the progress of various County projects. E. Walker presented the commission with an update on FEMA Project 4451-DR-Mo, Project Worksheet #12342, Bridge #0085006 request, which has been denied. A call was made to Representative Allen Andrews, Senator Dan Hegeman and Congressman Sam Graves offices for further assistance.

• Newly elected office holders were sworn in at a ceremony conducted by Judge Robert Rice at the county courthouse.  Those sworn in were:  Randy Strong, sheriff, Chris Burns, north district commissioner, Scott Walk, south district commissioner, Rex Wallace, assessor, Marilyn Jenkins, collector/treasurer and Dee O’Riley, public administrator.  Those not present: Vincent Shelby, coroner and Adam Teale, surveyor. Also present: Patton, Angie Cordell, deputy clerk, Lisa Nickerson, recorder, Barb Walk, Mason Walk, Kay Wilson with Nodaway News Leader and Skye Pournazari with Maryville Forum.

• Cazes Johnson, Snyder and Associates, E. Walker and Russ Placzek, Oden Enterprises, Inc. were present as bids were opened for Bridges #0988007 and #0727005.  Only one bid was received for each bridge from Oden Enterprises, Inc. The bids were accepted.

Linda Mattson, executive director, Meghann Kosman, court advocate and Malika Dahal, intern, with North Star Advocacy Center presented 2020 numbers and a budget request for FY2021 budget.

• The commission inspected Road #151 in Hopkins Township and Bridge #86 in Atchison Township.

The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Thursday, January 7.

In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Scott Walk, and County Clerk Melinda Patton. 

Business before the governing board included:

• Approvals and requisitions: Recorder Fee Report (December 2020); Invoice for Nodaway News Leader subscription. October and November 2020 - 911 Telephone Tax Receipt payments.

• The commission hosted the quarterly meeting for office holders with the following in attendance: Burns, Walker, Walk, Lisa Nickerson, Marilyn Jenkins, Dee O’Riley, Elaine Wilson, Caleb Phillips, Bob Rice, Rex Wallace and Patton. Office holders gave updates to activities and issues within their respective offices. The next quarterly meeting will be April 1, 2021. Also in attendance:  Kay Wilson, Nodaway News Leader and Geoffrey Woehlk, Maryville Forum.

Phillips gave updates on the Prosecutor’s office. He stated his office is on track to file approximately 800 cases this year (not counting traffic tickets) which is close to the same as 2019. The Prosecutor’s office is working on back-logged cases due to the change-over of prosecutors in 2020.

According to Nickerson, the recorder’s office continues to work on back filing and the annual Recorder’s Association has been moved to August.

Jenkins stated her office has collected 96.1% of 2020 taxes which is down from 2019. They are busy cleaning up payments with issues. Approximately 1,400 payments were dropped in the exterior drop box.

O’Riley updated the group on where she is at with the transition.

Wilson discussed the transition her office is making to the Show Me Court and Show Me Jury processes.

Rice discussed implemented processes to ease the burden on both the Prosecuting Attorney and Circuit Clerk’s offices by changing up the dockets and increasing the number of law days. Rice stated his goal has been to increase his availability to the prosecutor(s.)

According to Wallace, the assessment office had a smooth assessment period and his office sent out 8,700 assessment sheets. The assessor’s office is working to get the second windfarm on the books for 2021. The tentative date for County Government Day is March 10.  

Patton gave numbers from the November election and discussed the filing dates or the April 2021 Municipal Election. Her office is working on FY2021 budget and end of the year reports and documents.

Commission discussed the Road and Bridge plans for 2021.  Seven bridges have been proposed. The county traded Softmatch for BRO dollars on Bridge #0411018, which will allow the county to utilize CDBG grant dollars on one bridge. The commission has been working on appealing a denial from FEMA on bridge #0085006. The north windmill project has wrapped up and the road maintenance has been turned back over to the respective townships. The south windmill project is still in progress. An update on the status of the CARES funds was given by Jenkins and Burns.

Randy Strong was not able attend but stopped in later in the morning to give his departmental update.

• The commission took a call from Stuart Oden of Oden Enterprises, Inc. regarding the bid that was submitted and accepted on Bridge #098007. Oden sent over a document showing the error (in the county’s favor) and the new amount.

• Deputy appointments for Christie Swinford, Christy Matthews-Allen, Jessica Whaley, Leona Remus, Sadie Poe, Lorraine O’Donnell, Angie Cordell and Shirley Schmidt were approved by the commission.

• The commission reviewed and signed the Promulgation Statement for the State Emergency Management Agency.

• Jenkins and Patton discussed an issue with state withholding on an employee that is causing a delay on processing W2 forms.

• Neal Minor, Agri-Genesis (dba Show Me Sunrise) Chief Administrative officer and Gerry Quinn, Advisor, met with the commission to introduce themselves and talk about the opportunity for a business in Nodaway County.

• Christy Forney, Nodaway County Emergency Management Director, stopped in to discuss the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Board. She received a notice from Mike Harris, Executive Director of the Missouri Emergency Response Commission, regarding emergency managers serving as chairpersons for LEPC. Forney recommended Jace Pine be appointed as chairperson for LEPC Board. After discussion, Pine was approved as chairperson to the LEPC board.

• The commission signed the FFY2021, First Quarter (October 1 -December 31, 2020) FEMA Disaster Assistance Quarterly report.

• Ben Brooks with Evergy called to discuss the Energy DRI Incentive Program. Brooks stated they had changed some of the parameters of the program and is sending information out to the commission to review.