Wynne and Sturm

Becky Wynne and Renae Sturm are shown Saturday. The pair won the 59th annual Women’s Invitational Tournament hosted by the Women’s Golf Assocation at the Maryville Country Club.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Women’s Golf Association of the Maryville Country Club hosted its 59th annual Women’s Invitational Tournament  on Saturday, Aug. 3 and Sunday, Aug. 4.

The winners of the Friday night Horse Race were A Flight, Renae Sturm and Becky Wynne; second place winners, Casey Abington and Jamie Henggeler. The B Flight winners were Clara Anderson and Lena Sainte; second place winners, Sue Eck and Christie Snyder.

Winners of the tournament and Championship Flight were Renae Sturm and Becky Wynne; second place, Casey Abington and Jamie Henggeler; third place, Teresa Gumm and Virginia Gumm; fourth place, Brenda Crawford and Debbie Groomer. 

The team of Kradel and Sonner won first place in A Flight, with the team of Moeck and Thorson taking second place. B Flight winners were Gilpin and Bing with Callow and Ungles taking second and Smith and Stannard placing third.

Winners of the C Flight were Rose Henning and Jennifer Watts. In second place was the team of Connie Jago and Robin Pettegrew. In third place was Sandy Wilson and Judy Wisneski. Fourth place winners were Rita Poppa and Priscilla Stuart.

Winners of D Flight were Devers and Wray, second place winners, Collette Gallagher and Monica Mauzey, with third place going to Cheryl Jones and Katey Lipiec.

Hole prize winners were No. 3 Closest to the Pin, Collette Gallagher; No. 6 Closest to the Pin, Cheryl Jones and No. 9, Longest Putt, Sue Eck.

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