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Maryville sophomore Marcus Henggeler chips onto the 11th green on Monday at Fairview Golf Course in St. Joseph. 

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — The Maryville golf team has one of the youngest varsity lineups around, but that hasn’t held them back from an extremely strong regular season. That regular season was capped on Monday with a second-place finish in the Midland Empire Conference Tournament at Fairview Golf Course in St. Joseph.

“It just shows how far the team has come,” Maryville junior Trevin Cunningham said.

The Spoofhound lineup consists of three freshmen, a sophomore and a junior. Only Cunningham came into this season with any varsity experience.

The talented freshmen class has helped keep the Spoofhounds as one of the best teams in the region this season and one of those freshmen led the team again on Monday.

Jacob Scott finished tied for fourth in the tournament with the only three golfers finishing ahead of him being Bishop LeBlond’s Jeffery Johnston, Sam Schoeberl and Pat Johnson, while he tied with LeBlond’s Davis Jungbluth.

“It was alright,” Scott said. “You get fourth, so you can’t really be mad at it.”

Scott shot an 82 with a 40 on the front nine and a 42 on the back. The weather was anything but ideal with a 2-hour rain delay, but Scott said he enjoys the adverse conditions.

“I kind of like it when it’s cloudy and rainy,” Scott said. “I just find it’s easier to play in some days. I guess I’m just used to it back home.

Scott’s 82 helped lead the Spoofhounds to a 359 team score which put them second behind LeBlond. The Eagles won their third-straight and seventh MEC title in eight tries. The only team to disrupt LeBlond’s dominance was Maryville in 2017.

“Having three freshmen on the team, a sophomore and a junior — to me, that is pretty good,” Scott said. “Give it two or three years, you don’t know what we could do.”

Scott wasn’t the only Spoofhound with a strong day as Cunningham and Jacob’s twin brother Ethan Scott also medaled.

“You see them out there on the weekends, you see them out there on the putting green, and you see them working a lot,” Maryville coach Brenda Ricks said of her three team leaders.

Cunningham struggled with his shots off the tee, but battled to finish with an 85 and finished in eighth. The junior shot a 44 on the front nine, but closed with a 41 on the back nine.

“When you hit two greens out of 14, it is kind of hard to score well,” Cunningham said. “You have to scramble a lot. I wasn’t hitting very many good chips so it was hard for me to score.”

Ethan Scott finished 13th with 90. He also improved as the day went with a 47 on the front nine and a 43 on the back.

Marcus Henggeler provided the score that ensured Maryville edged out Savannah, which finished three strokes behind the Hounds. Henggeler, a sophomore, finished with a 102.

“I’m pleased,” Ricks said. “To go out and get totally soaked — and come in and sit for two or three hours, and then go back out — it was tough. I’m very pleased with what they did.”

Freshman Chase Dew had a frustrating day as he was off to a good start in the little bit of play the teams got in before the rain delay. After the delay, it was determined that play would start over rather than continue. That hurt Dew, but he battled for a 105.

Now the Spoofhounds prepare to do it all over again next Monday with the Class 3, District 4 Tournament back at Fairview. LeBlond will remain the team to beat with the entire MEC in the 16-team field.

“It is good to see it and just have more experience on the course and learn where not to hit it,” Cunningham said of playing Fairview back-to-back weeks. “It's good to have more experience and confidence going into when it really matters.”