MARYVILLE, Mo. — On a sunny Labor Day afternoon at Donaldson-Westside park, fans in attendance of Maryville High School soccer’s inaugural game of the 2019 season saw a record-setting performance aid the Hounds to a 13-0 win over Cameron.

Just before the clock expired on the first — and only half — of play, senior midfielder Jaden Hayes found the back of the net for the 10th time in the game, something no Spoofhound has done before.

Hayes’ 10 goals broke the previous Hounds record by Thomas DiStefano (8), who is now playing at Nebraska Wesleyan.

To go along with Hayes’ record, for the second time in school history, Maryville was able to score 13 goals in a game. The other time the Hounds accomplished this feat was in 2017 against the Dragons.

“It’s soccer, you’re not supposed to put up 13,” coach Dale Reuter said. “But it felt great. We controlled the game and did what we wanted to do. We were able to pass the ball. I’m not sure they had one shot on goal, which is a testament to our defense and how they controlled the ball.”

The Spoofounds got on the scoreboard 1:29 after first kick and in 12 minutes Hayes was able to complete a hat trick to put Maryville up 3-0.

Junior midfielder Justin Staples added the fourth goal six minutes later to push the Hounds’ lead to four and before the midway point of the half, Hayes and sophomore James DiStefano tacked on two more to inflate the lead to six.

The scoring didn’t stop there as Hayes found the back of the net four-straight times before Quinn Pettlon added a goal of his own, growing the Spoofhound lead to 12 with under five minutes to play in the half.

Hayes added the final goal of the game with seconds left to play.

“I was proud of the boys and how they handled themselves and never really got too cocky,” Reuter said. “… Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we will focus on how to move forward from this.”

Hayes, the 5-foot-10, 135-pound midfielder scored 10 goals on 10 shots and recorded five interceptions on defense. Staples lead the team in assists with four, followed by sophomore midfielder Jacob Ferris’ three.

For Hayes, he said he was well aware of the record and felt guilty for taking it away from Thomas DiStefano — but not too guilty.

“My best friend had it set before, Thomas (DiStefano), but I kind of feel bad because he doesn’t have it now,” Hayes said. “But I want it for myself. I mean, I knew what it was but my teammates got me the chance and I just put them away.”

The Spoofhounds turn their attention to the Barstow Tournament where they will take on La Monte at 5:45 p.m., Sept. 3, in Kansas City. Follow @SportsMDF for the results of the game.