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A November day in which I can consume news about both the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs is a pretty good day for me.

Daily, I’m reading about the Royals, their new manager Mike Matheny and the corresponding moves being made under the new ownership group led by John Sherman.

And I’m getting more and more optimistic each day about the prospects of a successful season for the Chiefs.

Even with mega-superstar Patrick Mahomes on the sidelines, this team right now looks like it could beat most teams with an embarrassment of talent on the offensive side and an emerging defense, also reeling from injury, that is — amazingly enough — stopping the run game of its opponents all of a sudden.

Let’s start with the Boys in Blue.

I don't know if it’s the right decision or not, but I was heartened to see General Manager Dayton Moore stick by his convictions and hire the man he has long wanted for the job of manager — Matheny.

My immediate reaction is that this is a win for the grown-ups in the room and boy do the grown-ups need a win.

So much of the public’s perception now is polluted by baseless social media muck, that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s imagined.

There are people — mostly people with no knowledge of the topic — who hate Matheny because that’s what the Twitterverse told them to do.

Good for you, Dayton. More people need to make decisions based on what they believe is correct rather than what the angry mob tells them to do.

This also made me confident that Moore must be confident in this decision.

That tells me he has done his due diligence to ensure that Matheny is the right guy at the right time.

It also tells me that the new ownership group must plan to support this hire with the appropriate acquisitions of major-league-caliber talent.

This means no more C-level free agents and that means right now.

Sure, we will rarely — probably never — be in the market for an A-level free agent, but we are going to at least need some B-level guys in the starting rotation in 2020 if we hope to avoid 100 losses for the third consecutive season.

I don't think there will be much — if any — of a honeymoon period for the new owners and the fans who have already moved on from the much-too-brief glory of 2014 and 2015. I would hate to know the number of fans who were created in those years and have already lost interest in a team that looks a whole lot like the team that was here before that.

Here’s hoping the new owners want to win as much as the fans do.

Speaking of winning, the Chiefs are doing just that and without about a third of their starting players.

Back-up quarterback Matt Moore has grabbed hold of the steering wheel and with a heavy dose of assistance from head coach Andy Reid and otherworldly talent led by wide receiver Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs once again looked destined for a conference clash with New England for the AFC title.

I should also mention the leg of place kicker Harrison Butker, who made an unlikely, 54-yard field goal in swirling winds at Arrowhead Sunday and a game-winning 44-yarder to seal the deal against the visiting Minnesota Vikings.

The Chiefs probably should have beaten the Green Bay Packers the previous week had it not been for the most predictable fumble of all time from veteran running back LeSean McCoy. High and tight, Shady. Let’s go.

But let’s not regress.

Next up for the Chiefs (6-3) is a road game against the Tennessee Titans (4-5). This is a game the Chiefs should win, even without Mahomes, so let’s do it without him and allow him continued healing.

Then it’s on to Los Angeles to face the Chargers, who have mostly underperformed this season. I feel less confident in a win without QB1 there, but it sure would be nice to rest him again as the team heads into a bye week.

Coming back from the break, the Chiefs face Oakland at home before traveling to Foxboro, Massachusetts for the most important game of the regular season against the Patriots.

I’d like to see Mahomes return for a tune-up against the Raiders before attempting to dethrone Tom Brady.

Ideally, KC will be 9-3 heading into that matchup with a healthy first-string quarterback, offensive line and defensive line and secondary.

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