MARYVILLE, Mo. — Ethan Stone and Nino Coniglio managed to put their names up on the Maryville Sharks record board on Wednesday night at the Maryville Aquatics Center. 

In a meet against Shenandoah, Malvern and Clarinda; the Sharks dominated the meet and Stone set a new 50-meter backstroke record in the 15-and-over age division and Coniglio broke his own 50-meter butterfly record in the 13-14 age division. 

For Stone, the record-breaking performance checks off one of his season-long goals by getting his name on the Sharks’ record board. He had records in the younger age divisions, but those marks have been eclipsed so he wanted the chance to see his name in the top age group. 

“It feels like I’ve built up to this my last eight years of swim,” Stone said. “It feels like the absolute peak — finally breaking a record that will hopefully stand for a little bit.” 

Stone turned in a 33.2-second swim to break Nic Zweifel’s 2003 time of 33.58 seconds. Zweifel still holds the other five individual records in the 15-and-over division. Stone is hoping to reset the standard in some of those other events before the season is over. 

“I am pretty close to the breaststroke record, about a second off,” Stone said. “And in the butterfly, I’m about two seconds off.”

Stone’s strong meet extended beyond just a single event with him winning all four of his individual events with the 50-meter breaststroke, 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter individual medley. He was also a member of winning relay teams in the 100-meter medley relay and the 100-meter freestyle relay. 

“My key for today was watching a bunch of YouTube videos and figuring out that I wasn’t kicking enough,” Stone said. “Today, my focus on form was to reach and to kick. I think that what put me over the edge.”

YouTube videos on swimming are nothing new for Stone, who is always looking to sharpen his technique.

“I enjoy watching those videos,” Stone said. “Anything that can help helps.”

Coniglio’s record shows his improvement from a season ago when he set the record with a 29.06. He finished the 50-meter butterfly on Wednesday with a 28.78. 

“It was pretty cool,” Congilio said. “It feels pretty good to do that. … (It shows) you are improving and doing better than you did last year.”

While Stone also swims in the winter with his club swim team out of Clarinda, Coniglio swims year-round with Blue Wave out of Platte City. 

“It is really fun, especially doing Sharks because I get to hang out with people I know and get to swim with them,” Coniglio said. “Then I get Blue Wave and get really good training with them.”

Coniglio will also have the opportunity to add his name to the leaderboard in more places. He owns five records from the the 11-12 age division, but the butterfly is the first individual mark he has achieved in the 13-14 division. Brandon Heredia owns the other five individual records from 2014. 

“I am definitely wanting to break the freestyle record and definitely the relay records if I can,” Coniglio said. 

Coniglio won the 50-meter freestyle in addition to the butterfly while Jaxson Staples won the 50-meter breaststroke and the 100-meter individual medley. They also teamed to win both the 100-meter medley relay and the 100-meter freestyle relay. 

Jillian Ternus and Bailey Farnan divided up the titles in the 15-and-over girls division with Ternus winning the 50-meter breaststroke and 50-meter freestyle, and Farnan winning the 50-meter butterfly. Grace Wright owned the 13-14 girls division with wins in the 50-meter backstroke, 50-meter butterfly and 50-meter freestyle. 

In the 11-12 boys division, William Sheil won the 50-meter butterfly. In the boys’ 9-10 age group, Connolly Mayfield led the way with victories in the 25-meter backstroke, 25-meter freestyle and 100-meter individual medley while Kedrick Watkins won the 25-meter butterfly. For the 9-10 girls division, Jaidaci Wilmes won the 25-meter breaststroke, Claire Walter won the 25-meter freestyle and Mariah Dirks won the 100-meter individual medley. 

In the 8-and-under group, Cora Feick reigned supreme in the girls’ division with wins in the 25-meter backstroke, 25-meter butterfly, 25-meter freestyle and 100-meter individual medley while Aniston Winter won the 25-meter breaststroke. In the boys division, Bo Dirks won both the 25-meter backstroke and 100-meter individual medley, Will Snyders won the 25-meter butterfly and Creed Wonderly took home the top prize in the 25-meter freestyle. 

The next chance to catch the Sharks at the Maryville Aquatic Center comes on Wednesday when they host Tarkio.