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You’ve heard the old saw used by every government or military leadership throughout history who were in trouble or have lost important political or military confrontations: “blame the messenger.”

It is the last gasp of those proven incompetent or worse.  

So why are we surprised that the current administration is scurrying around like squirrels after being hit in the head by a falling nut?  

The 2016 elections have been over for nearly three years and yet this is the time when the present administration of President Trump is ramping up questionable  investigations trying to prove that it was the very government agencies tasked with protecting our system of government from foreign and domestic abuse that are the criminals.

The Mueller Report found credible evidence that the Russians had meddled in the 2016 elections in an effort to help Trump get elected. They did not find enough evidence to convict any in the Trump organization of serious crimes though a bevy of those dealing with the situation are now in jail or still under indictment.

Recently the actions of President Trump and Attorney General Barr have been accused by a “whistle blower” within the international security complex of violating the national security interests of the United States by recruiting foreign governments to help investigate the allegations of the Mueller Report.

They have asked foreign governments of Italy and Australia at least to help investigate our own CIA and FBI. And, of course, Trump solicited the Prime Minister of Ukraine with incentives of releasing nearly $400 million in military help Congress had authorized to help Ukraine stave off Russian aggression if he’d investigate former V.P. Biden, a potential rival in the 2020 elections.  

Why is the Attorney General of the United States traveling the world asking governments to investigate our own national security protectors? Has he forgotten that the Justice Department’s own Inspector General is soon to release his report analyzing the work done by these agencies in regard to Russian interference in the election?

It is no surprise that over 300 former officers of the CIA have sent a letter deriding the attempt to smear their life’s work and the agency they know so well?

Congress, as well, is trying to get at the motivation of high-ranking members of the State Department to not aide in their impeachment investigation; but A.G. Barr has refused to let them testify and has refused to testify himself. What’s being hidden?

As so many have said, the Founding Fathers balanced the powers of government to avoid the concentration of power — which corrupts. They particularly put in impeachment of the president because they feared influences from foreign governments. Not to mention their abhorrence of a monarchy.  

And why now? Have the messengers got it too correct and need to be discredited? Are there no lengths that the administration will go to distract from the evidence of a president willing to trade national security for political gain? 

Is there even more damning evidence in the transcripts of the president’s conversations with Putin and the Saudi Arabians strangely put into the super-secret files that are supposed to protect only for the most dangerous of secrets?

The fire alarm has been blaring within the administration and the fire is in danger of engulfing the president and his cronies. But of course, it is the messengers that are at fault, not the administration’s arsonists.

Richard Fulton is an emeritus professor of political science.  



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