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It has been a while since I used this print space to think out loud, in particular by making a list that I share with you readers. But this week, there’s a list worth sharing with you, so we’re going to give it a whirl.

A few things were going wrong for me a couple of weeks back, and I uttered those words that you all know well, I’m sure: ‘When it rains, it ours.’

But it wasn’t raining. It wasn’t pouring. I was taking average, everyday frustrations and inconveniences and turning them into a bad week.

So, in preparation for Thanksgiving here in a few days, I think it’s high time that I sang a different tune – and no, I’m not talking about belting out Christmas songs. Rather, I mean it’s time that I spent a moment expressing thanks to some more-than-deserving people and for some of the underserved blessings in my life.

First, I thank my wife and kids for putting up with my choices. I have spent a decade struggling to reconcile my love for being both a teacher and a newspaper publisher, and my family members are the ones who most frequently get caught in the shuffle.

Next, I thank those who read our newspapers and this column. In a world where print journalism is being threatened by the advent of free media –or more accurately, social connecting sites parading around as news agencies – having readers is a blessing indeed.

I am thankful for our communities that we serve throughout Gentry and Worth counties, along with our regional readers in DeKalb and Andrew counties. Certain of my columns run in The Maryville Forum as well, thanks to another of our friends, Forum publisher and King City native Phil Cobb.

I’m thankful for our staff members, individuals who dedicate themselves to serving our readers with the best product we can muster every week. I teach during the day, a task possible only through the efforts of our dedicated group of professionals at Pearl Publishing, Inc.

I am thankful north Missouri has been able, for the most part, to maintain its common-sense approach to the more difficult issues of American life and politics. Sure, we have our extremists, and we have our overly complacent folks. But for the most part, we know how to speak kindly to one another at the grocery store or when we meet on the sidewalk. We should all, in my opinion, be thankful to live in a part of the country where human decency is still expected, and where it is put into practice.

I’m thankful for fall leaves and chilly nights, as foolish as those things may seem for some people.

Chili and crackers, soup and sandwiches – any good cool day food, for that matter–are on my thankful list.

I am thankful that it will soon be time for family and friends to get together, break bread and enjoy one another’s company. My wife and I have Thanksgiving plans with our families, and we have a Friendsgiving set with some good pals of ours. If I had a singular thankful point to give, it would be one directed toward having good people in my life, and for faith in the Good Lord to tie it all together.

I’m thankful for computers and digital cameras that make shorter, more precise work of journalism, compared with the clunky methods that were industry norms when I was around the newspaper trade in my early experiences.

Thanks to Dad, for handing me this column and this newspaper. When your father gives his child a portion of his experiences and talents, then he lives on through the life of that child. My sister and I are both journalists, if that gives you any indication.

And my thanks go out to my Mom for so many things. My one wish that I’ll make in this list intended to express only thanks: to be the man that my mom thinks I am.

Thanks to all of you; have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Matt Pearl owns and operates newspapers in King City, Albany and Grant City.



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