Larry Anderson

Popularity is for adolescents. Presidencies are about effectiveness.

I submit Donald Trump is our most effective president since Ronald Reagan because he is willing to take on issues such as lopsided trade agreements and border protection that have been long neglected.

History will judge Trump on what he accomplishes, not who he offends.

To cringing liberals President Trump is not merely a formidable rival but the enemy. They literally hate his guts.

That is emphatic, but there is plenty of evidence the description is accurate, not the least of which are the left’s own words and actions expressed daily as part of the perpetual pounding process.

Now you may be thinking the president has made his own bed and must now lie in it, but what’s going on goes far beyond the usual gouging. Consider the obvious motives of wanting to tear Trump down in the eyes of the electorate, to destroy him personally and politically, and to replace him with a fine specimen of the opposition. 

There are many reasons why the Democrats despise Trump. Foremost, he beat the pantsuit off the left’s golden girl Hillary Clinton who loomed large with every liberal demographic but lost anyway. This earned him the label of illegitimacy from injured cranks. 

Trump isn’t a professional politician and has struck a new template in that regard. He has placed the country’s interests ahead of those of both parties, and that’s plumb wrong in this age when what’s good for the folks has fallen to what’s good for the chosen. 

The president is a man of the people, an alleged populist, rather than a servant to party dogma. This is intolerable to those who fearfully check their correctness list before uttering a syllable. Just so you know, being a populist isn’t a bad thing. Bubba Clinton was such or pretended to be.

Trump is male, white and rich as fudge which, apparently, is nothing but bad. He blazes his own trail, says what’s on his mind, and lubricates the debate with tweets and unbearable facts. He says things to enrage those who live in constant dismay and tweaks those who can’t think of one good thing to say about their country. He’s no Slick Willie. 

Homage isn’t part of Trump’s DNA. Liberals have become accustomed to those who fall all over themselves to prove they aren’t sexist or whatever, but Trump doesn’t play that game. He does expect people to do their jobs, and sometimes the chips fall where they may.  

Leftist leadership longs for the days of Watergate when Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency under threat of impeachment. Liberals want that power boost they got then and the heady pleasure of pushing out a president they see as the antithesis of socialist progression.

Trump knows them too well, and that’s why the impeachment drum began before he could step off the inauguration stage. That’s why when one baseless impeachment endeavor failed, lefties moved seamlessly on to another. Their goal is to discredit, to knock Trump off his game, to put him on the defensive. To be rid of him.

To illustrate: When Trump recently negotiated a favorable trade deal with Japan, it was buried in the back of the paper while the headlines blazed diplomatic horror regarding a secret whistleblower more spy than patriot. Manufactured scandal can overshadow accomplishments, you see, when liberal big media eagerly cooperates with soulless ambition.

Pointing an arthritic finger at Trump points a similar digit away from Uncle Joe Biden whose own past diplomacy is suspect and whose son was playing in the sandbox of Ukrainian opportunity. I suggest everyone investigate that before getting all riled about the Trumpster.

Everyone knows presidents have the authority to speak to foreign leaders and to find out what is going on when international mischief is suspected. Trump was checking if Biden, Inc. was up to something. By the by, negotiations, treaties and international deals hinge on quid pro quo, real or implied. Always have been, always will be.

These are the left’s real goals via the newest impeachment farce: 1) Turn public opinion against the president 2) Limit and distract him 3) Get him out of office any way possible 4) Send a warning to those on the right who might be considering a run for office while presenting themselves as moral and political saviors rectifying a terrible mistake on the part of the voters. 

This latest impeachment hoax has precious little to do with justice, the Constitution, presidential powers, or what’s right or wrong. 

It has to do with next year’s election and that queasy feeling expanding in the liberal gut.


Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.


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