Larry Anderson

The recent election witnessed Nodaway County going huskily for President Trump; indeed, Missouri was called early for those putting country first even though the national results were less than hoped. Successful policies should’ve made the difference, but the reality is they did not

Trump was right on how to get industries growing, how to lower employment numbers, and how to deal with trade partners and rivals. He accomplished numerous good things, many of which were studiously ignored by a big media so corrupt it is plain. Do people in general know Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Prize? If you are aware, odds are wonderful you didn’t hear it on CNN.

For Trump to get the word out, he had to become his own cheerleader on Twitter and such. For those eagerly negative, this was un-presidential, and not the act of someone wishing the people to know he was working hard. And work hard he did, much as a salmon must when swimming upstream with the grizzly always close with sharpened claw and fang. Trump never got a fair shake.

Oh, I know Trump sometimes got in his own way. He was brusque, blunt and bristly, but he also stood his ground and won more than he lost because he was right on what should matter most: work, security, tax fairness, law and order, a future, and patriotism to name a handful. He exposed the swamp for what it is before the swamp took over once again. He tried hard when most don’t. For that all should be eternally grateful.

Our elections shouldn’t function off hate and anger, but this one certainly did. The left’s tearing down was extraordinary and relentless but purposeful. Accusation, fear and suspicion works for them. Look what happened.

Trump lost because personality became more important than policies. Lies beat evidence and statistics, and COVID-19 struck precisely at the right time for Dems. It became as the wretched Jane Fonda said, “…an opportunity for the left.” It was almost too good to be true, and the left absorbed it politically like a sponge.

Trump’s response to Covid-19 wasn’t as flawless as those who didn’t try. Therefore, it was his fault people died as claimed by Kamala Harris who can’t bring herself to blame China for the coronavirus’s release. All Trump’s fault, she insisted. As if.

But now it is Uncle Joe and the Blamers turn, and proof must lie in the pudding. That’s fair isn’t it?

Biden claims he can do better with the pandemic than Trump. Prove it, Joe.

Uncle Joe claims racism will end with his administration. That would be terrific. Prove it.

Liberals claim high taxes are better than fair ones. Let’s see it.

Democrats claim energy independence can exist without fracking, drilling and exploration. Prove it, Dems, to everyone but especially those states you won by such a narrow margin.

Show us how higher prices at the pump are better than the ones we have had under Trump. 

Let’s see your employment number match Trump’s.

Prove you can do more for veterans and the military than this president.

Show us how your policies can control the weather.

Prove you can do more for minorities in terms of employment and opportunity than Donald Trump.

Show us how free is better than earned.

Demonstrate how the trade deal negotiated with Mexico and Canada is bad. Prove it by showing us a better one. Don’t forget to put America first since that’s your job, Joe.

Prove you can keep America secure with the liberal practices of open borders, opened prisons, and tolerance for drugs and criminal activity. Prove it, Joe.

Let’s see you handle terrorism as effectively and efficiently as Trump.

Let’s see you grow the economy. Prove more red tape is the answer.

Let’s see you build American confidence and spirit the way Trump did before COVID hit. 

Prove life in America can be fun again. How about some sun instead of perpetual gloom, negativity and blame.

Prove you aren’t a tool for radicals, Joe. Prove you are a leader, a champion for all, and an American first just as you claim. Let’s hear you renounce socialism as socialists clamber for power and position.

Prove these things, Joe, or shut the hell up about Donald Trump.


Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.