Larry Anderson

Common sense tells us if we fail to learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it. Let’s not do that.

The following quote is attributed to Josef Stalin, fanatical communist and murderer of his people: Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?

Now what does 21 words credited to a long-dead member of the far left have to do with us in the modern world? Actually, quite a lot. It points to how little the left has changed in its attitude toward freedom of thought. It also warns us where leftists in America want to go in regard to the Second Amendment.

As a ruthless Soviet dictator, Stalin understood how easy it was to control a population when it is denied access to a means of self-defense. Our founding fathers understood that too, which is why we have a Second Amendment to the Constitution. A population armed in defense of freedom can do so; those unarmed will do as they are told. It’s really very simple.

Stalin’s words also underscore the left’s arrogance. People should not be allowed to have contradictory notions whether pertaining to self-defense or anything else. I submit conformity of thought regarding such issues as gun control, abortion and immigration is all that’s allowed in today’s Democratic party. There is no stepping out of line.

Don’t accept that? That’s fine, but listen to what liberal politicians say. Pay attention to what they do. Examine their methods.

The modern Democratic party has changed. I remember when moderation and compromise were possible and democracy vigorously defended. What we have now is an agenda designed to advance leftist ideology at the expense of personal freedom and originality of thought. The American concept is unimportant when compared to leftist orthodoxy. One only has to listen to understand.

I wouldn’t state these things without support. Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, said the following in commentary published in American Rifleman magazine:

If it seems as if the NRA is partisan today, this is because the Democratic Party is much smaller than it used to be. When Barack Obama first won the presidency in 2008, for example, there was a sizeable block of Democratic members of Congress who understood that our Second Amendment freedom is a good thing that must be protected. Many of those Democrats, however, lost their seats in Congress as Obama pushed the party left.

This purge of Democrats in Congress who vote for your Second Amendment rights has continued. Today, the party has pushed out almost all of its pro-freedom politicians. By 2016, in fact, the Democratic Party’s official platform, under Hillary Clinton, was more anti-Second Amendment that it had ever officially been before.

All the candidates currently fighting for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president want to ban popular semi-automatic rifles; they want to bankrupt America’s gun manufacturers by once again giving frivolous lawsuits legal cover; they want to nominate judges who don’t believe the Second Amendment is an individual right and so much more.

What LaPierre stated is what I have noticed myself. For example, I remember Hillary Clinton putting forth the idea of gun confiscation. She cited Australia’s confiscation of guns to support her intent, but she didn’t mention that Australia has no Second Amendment; therefore, confiscation was a matter of passing a law that could not face a Supreme Court challenge. Liberals like Clinton routinely neglect the full story, or, perhaps they, like Stalin, believe ideas are too much for regular folks. 

Beto O’Rourke bragged about taking firearms away before he did the big fade. Bloomberg is virulently anti-firearm. The anti-Second Amendment plank is in the Democratic platform but don’t expect it to come up much in debate. Liberals are highly skilled at avoiding constitutional issues that make the electorate nervous during an election run-up. It’s better to get elected, then move.

You may want to go back and read the Stalin quote one more time. Decide if it fits with the time we live in and a certain group scrapping for power over you. Then vote next November as if your freedom depends on it because it does.

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.