Larry Anderson

Liberals are down in the dumps. Sadly, it seems their unhappiness is unlimited.

Libbies have tried many ways to announce their state of despair. They have marched and waved their little signs. They have hurtled names and listed more ills than a hypochondriac. Lefties have gotten into people’s faces and accused all kinds of racism, sexism and hopelessness but to no avail. Folks remain unimpressed. Frustration mounts as the president’s approval rises. 

Despite their determination, Democrats have failed to keep qualified judges off the Supreme Court and federal benches. The border wall is going up, and illegal immigration is finally coming under control. The economy is as frisky as a groom. Everything looks pretty darn good, and it’s tough to counter positive points with negative ones when voters have noticed things are going swimmingly. Also, campaign donations tend to flow huskily toward promise rather than the curled lip. 

So what’s next for the perpetually dismayed and the habitually arrogant?

I suspect now that impeachment has flopped and the election beckons there will soon be another BIG THING for which we are to despise President Trump, something that is supposed to send us in droves to the other side where only virtue awaits. What will it be?

Don’t be shocked by the sudden arrival of a carefully timed bimbo eruption. Expect a plethora of testimony and righteous indignation galore on CNN where only goodness abides. If that fails to materialize, there remains the fact Trump is a capitalist and wealthy as a pirate. Surely there have been past ventures to tut-tut like a school marm and to make us feel bad all over.

Whatever may develop, it is safe to assume it will be negative because that is where unhappy Democrats go. They would rather be politically indigent than give Trump a thimble of credit for making America great again.

Therefore, I have a modest proposal for any on the left having second thoughts concerning your condition. Why don’t you just stop?   

Aren’t you tired of being so down in the dumps? Aren’t you weary of constant criticism? Haven’t you had enough of party failure and hearing over and over how bad your country is? Aren’t you fed up with eternal pessimism?

You are blessed with free will, political mobility, and a brain. Apply them. Instead of being led into the swamp of mistrust and failed socialism by Uncle Bernie or Auntie Liz, come to the side that sees America positively. 

If you will do that, I will get you a nice red hat. The hat is about America and symbolizes all we can be. Simple as it is, it may be the one thing we need to get well.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of something positive for a change? Wouldn’t it be nice to build something instead of tearing it down? 

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.


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