Larry Anderson

Crime in America’s cities is on the rise. I’m not referring to shoplifting or  under-age partying; I’m talking about the kind of crime that keeps law-abiding citizens awake at night and hospital emergency rooms busy. 

I’m talking about a systemic problem so broad and deep liberals have to hustle to explain why the rise is most remarkable in liberal cities like Portland and San Francisco.

Over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, our third largest city, 100 people were reported shot in a wave of violence that defies description in the horror it brings to people’s lives.  Eighteen people died in 69 separate shooting incidents. Eleven of those shot were kids, some of which were five to six years of age. That tells us shooters often don’t care where the bullets fly.

Chicago police superintendent David O. Brown blamed the courts for releasing dangerous criminals prematurely. A judge, Timothy Evans, defended his actions regarding early release by blaming the judicial system. Chicago’s liberal mayor, Lori Lightfoot, waggled between denial of statistics and self-defense. Blame may somewhat aid understanding, but it has to lead to action or nothing will change.

If things are left the way they are in Chicago and in a long list of other cities, tragedy and heartbreak will continue to compound.

Central to this trend is the liberal mindset. Politics marries dogma, but that isn’t the whole story nor is our tendency to blame human nature or certain racial groups or the judicial system or law enforcement. However, when all these factors combine, we begin to understand why kids die in Chicago and why our cities are beginning to resemble Beirut of years ago.

Liberalism takes the shaky position that criminals are the real victims in our society. The system is unfair in its distribution of wealth, in its treatment of minorities, and in its social construct. Therefore, crime thrives within the social void. One liberal solution is release. Another is de-funding police departments. Sound good?

These positions do not take into consideration the lack of morality and/or empathy on the part of criminals or free will. Criminals do criminal acts because they choose to for one reason or another. The real victim is the dead six-year-old, not the triggerman spraying bullets indiscriminately because he is morally destitute, high on meth, or longing to pass gang initiation. 

Liberals think the solution to crime in cities like Chicago is a basketball program, or a $15 dollar wage, or a social worker knocking on the door, but the real solution begins with public officials smart enough to not release criminals into society. It begins with support of law enforcement and an insistence on accountability within government, whether federal or municipal. It begins with judges who understand one of the key principles of law enforcement is protecting the public from those who would do it harm.

At one point in his career as a communist dictator, Fidel Castro, the great revolutionary much admired by the American left, emptied Cuba’s prisons and sent criminals to the United States. Of course we took them in because that is what we do. 

Crime, notably in south Florida, soared. Many innocent Americans paid for the carelessness of good intentions and mindless politics. Castro surely loved how easy it was to dump one of his pressing problems on America.

Did the left learn from this experience? Apparently so. Illegal immigrants are currently flooding our country with the assistance of liberal  politicians blathering about democracy. The truth is they are actually helping people to break our immigration laws. They do it for political gain and without apology, adequate explanation, or accountability.

What do immigrants and others learn from this? Laws don’t matter. Law enforcement doesn’t matter. Respect for others doesn’t matter.

If we want crime to be brought under control, we have to stop electing and appointing liberals to positions of authority. We have to understand their allegiance is to a particular doctrine, not to this nation or its citizens or laws designed for public safety. 

We have to have some sense. We have to make security a priority and justice more important than half-baked sociology. Of course the system should reform, build and adapt, just not according to liberal dictates.

If we don’t wise up soon, the battlegrounds in our cities will become worse. Kids will continue to die in Chicago at an ever-increasing rate while liberals cover over the problems they have created and continue to exacerbate.

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.