Major points of Agenda 21 match much of Obama agenda

Larry Anderson

The party that controls the political narrative will win. In this country, no one is better at this endeavor than the left, currently in full power and swinging for the wall. Their narrative is relentless and its effect  palpable. 

I submit the Democratic party of yesterday is deader than a roadside rodent. The current party is much farther left than JFK or Tip O’Neill ever was, even though these political leaders carried the liberal label of their time. 

The new Democratic party is indoctrinated, devoted to duty, and intent on continuous victory. Its most obvious leaders are Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer, but the shots are as readily called by the DNC which controls the party’s narrative, its toxic tone, and its questionable authenticity.

The left took control of the race narrative decades ago. Understand, matters pertaining to race don’t surface because of incident alone. They boil over when leftists and/or their allies bark an order.

Nor do people take to the streets wholly due to alarm, not when they appear almost instantly with signs already made, chants already learned, and targets defined. Demonstrators respond when leadership says, “Let’s go!” and off they march to harass, destroy and glorify with their left eye squarely on the agenda. 

Don’t take me wrong. I have read and observed too much not to know minorities have many reasons to object to the system; however, everyone must realize it is the left that controls the ebb and flow of race politics. If they need to grab media attention or win an election, demonstrators are in the street. If liberals already have the seats they covet, activism hibernates until needed. The degree of  urgency is defined by what is required by the party at the moment. Too often the fuse is tragedy exploited.

Generated unrest conjoining exaggeration and theater are socialist hallmarks. You may recall protest was loud and daily during the Trump administration as if historically low unemployment and a thriving economy were enemies of the people. Now, with Biden in the Oval Office, the streets have quieted. When calm is brought out of noise, voters may reward the party seen as responsible, even if the racket was cleverly caused by those profiting. 

How the process works is simple. Create chaotic situations before an election, then restore order with aligned interests after the election. Then stop talking about things that were so troubling a short time ago. The conclusion for many is all is now well.  God bless Joe Biden and those wonderful peace-loving lefties!

There is a plan and an objective to everything the left does. The true purpose often lies behind the façade. The infrastructure narrative neatly covers an encroaching Green New Deal, for one example. Social justice is the cover for early release, but the left doesn’t mention those let go will soon have their voting rights restored for the gain of hungry politicians.

I’m sure you remember the horrors of the border situation when Trump was in office, but do you remember when liberal media suddenly dropped the subject like a smoking spud? Why? The reason is simple: public opinion began to favor Trump’s tough stance. In other words, the left was losing the narrative it started. If it isn’t working, it disappears from public analysis.

Now Democrats don’t talk about the open border much or the impact it is having on our cities, future votes, or labor. Why tell the whole story or the truth when what they want can be achieved without either?

Conversely, leftists also know if they say something repeatedly, it begins to be accepted even if its bias is showing like a petticoat under the party dress. Oh, that horrible, awful Donald Trump! Oh that ’insurrection!’ COVID is the Black Death! The environment is collapsing! 

Here’s a biggie: Income inequality! Oh, the horror, the horror!

If one knows how to control the narrative, you can get people to believe anything and to vote accordingly. At least that’s the left’s stance, and they are sticking to it.

How about you? Are you buying into their manipulative narrative?

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.