Letter to the Editor;

My name is Nancy Wingate, I am the Clinton County Mo Public Administrator. I have held this Office since Jan. 2005, I have been re-elected for 2021. 

I am personally and professionally endorsing Diane Thomsen for Re-Election for the Public Administrator Office in Nodaway County. 

Diane has been the Public Administrator of Nodaway County since 2009. I have served with her since she was elected. She is the most professional public servant that you will ever know. She always puts the needs of her clients first. The clients love and respect her, as do her Peers and fellow Public Administrators.

Most voters do not know what the Office of the Public Administrator entails. I will offer you and the voters of Nodaway County the condensed version so that they may make an educated vote on Nov. 3rd to retain this Office, and that is Diane Thomsen. She is the ONLY person qualified for this Office. 

The Public Administrator shoulders legal liabilities that few can fathom. We are in charge and placed by the Probate Court to become Guardians for individuals that have been deemed by the Court as unable to make life decisions for themselves. We become their advocates and their voice. PA’s make sure that they have food, clothing, shelter, transportation. to and from medical appointments, and medical coverage. 

If appointed by the Court, we also are given charge over that person’s financial interests, which is known as a Conservator. We are in charge of making sure that person’s bills are paid each month, we purchase food, clothing, and necessities if needed, and secure a burial/cremation plan. 

We are charged by the Social Security Administration as Personal Representatives to individuals and are responsible to Social Security in the form of an audit annually. 

We are also appointed by the Veteran’s Administration as Federal Fiduciaries for our Veteran’s and complete an audit each year as well. 

We have to make sure a person has the proper Medicare/Medical Coverage. 

If the person qualifies for Medicaid coverage, as well as food stamps, the Public Administrator is responsible for getting that person approved, and keeping their services continued. All of these require Annual Audit Reports to the Family Support Division. 

We are responsible to providing an Annual Accounting on each of our clients, on their fiscal year, to the Court. This is an accurate accounting of all funding. It must be approved by the Court and signed off of by the Judge. Diane served on the Auditing Committee for the Missouri Association of Public Administrators for 3 years. 

Every 2 years PA’s are audited by the Missouri State Auditors Office. This process can take up to 3 months to complete, and must be signed off of by the Mo State Auditor’s Office. 

It is mandatory that we attend a four day Conference annually. Regional Training is mandatory each year in the form of a one day continuing education training day, as well. 

A commitment is made to our clients and the voters when we take office. This is a 24 x 7 job, 365 days a week. We are always on call. This takes dedication that few can commit to. 

PA’s make life and death decisions every day where our clients are concerned. This requires knowledge, trust, dedication and compassion, and your current PA, Diane Thomsen represents that every day of her life. 

I am urging the voters of Nodaway County to keep their current Public Administrator in Office, so that the clients Diane Thomsen is entrusted by the Court to take care of, can have the continued care that they know Diane provides for them. 

Diane Thomsen is a great asset as one of your County Elected Officials. 

I thank you for allowing me the space and time to help the voters of Nodaway County know what an asset they have as their Public Administrator, and to have a greater knowledge of what our job entails, and this is just a fraction of the responsibility our Office is charged with. 

––Nancy D. Wingate 

Clinton Cnty Public Admin.