Capitol Report: Operating budget sent to Senate

State Rep. Allen Andrews

Much of the work done by the Missouri House and Senate from January to May finally became law as many of the bills approved by the legislature and signed by the governor officially took effect on August 28. It was during the 2019 legislative session that the House and Senate combined to send 92 pieces of legislation across the finish line.

Of the bills sent to the governor, 46 originated in the Senate and 29 started in the House, with an additional 17 appropriations bills originally filed in the House as well. The governor went on to sign the bulk of the bills into law, but did veto two bills from the House, as well as four from the Senate. 

As of August 28, many of the bills signed by the governor now have the force of law. One important piece of legislation that is now law creates economic incentives meant to create and retain jobs, and implements a workforce development program to train Missourians to fill jobs in areas of high need. Other bills going into effect will protect some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens, make substantive reforms to Missouri’s criminal justice system, and improve the state’s legal climate.

As always, it is an honor to serve you.

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Allen Andrews is the First District State Representative.