The review of the most important news stories of 2014, as selected by the members of the editorial staff of the Maryville Daily Forum, was, admittedly, the choice of a small number of opinions, but the choices were not that difficult.

From the story determined to be the most imporrtant of the year, locally — the bumper crops of corn and soybeans — to several others that failed to make the Top 10 List, one point was fairly obvious.

2014 was a good year in Maryville and around Nodaway County — a very good year.

Admittedly, several of the more important events that have been highlighted over the past days in this newspaper were neither started, nor completed, during 2014, but their impact during that period was significant when counted among the happenings of the year.

The progress of any community is measured by the accomplishments that are achieved, cumulatively, not necessarily during any given calendar year.

The benefits of a tremendous crop year obviously make an impact, but one that is more short-lived than say, the ongoing improvements to the Fourth Street Corridor, the development of the youth golf course at the Mozingo Lake Recreation Park, or the construction of the new $13,000,000-plus wastewater treatment plant.

Projects of that type are difficult to quantify in any single year, but they are certainly testimony to activities of a progressive community.