I grew up in Calgary, Canada, and I am no stranger to cold weather or heavy snowfalls. I thought I had seen it all until this last weekend, when the Midwest was struck by a blizzard. Indeed, Maryville had horizontal snowfall due to strong winds and we received a remarkable foot of snow over a very short time span. But this is not what surprised me.

Rather, it was the people working the snowplows and snow clearing equipment. Such a snowfall would paralyze many cities for days on end – but here in Maryville, our city laborers got the job done quickly and made the main roads drivable by Monday morning, and side roads by the afternoon. But the most pleasant and unsuspected surprise came from one city worker who, after plowing the road in front of my house, made the outgoing and much appreciated gesture of leaving the warmth of his vehicle to take a shovel and clear the driveways on my street of the snow that had been pushed onto my driveway entrance by the plow! My wife and I have never witnessed such a thoughtful gesture, and it speaks volumes for our wonderful community and our great city workers.

Unfortunately, I do not know the identity of the person who gave me such considerate service - so I would like to take this opportunity to take a second and recognize all our city workers for the remarkable job that they do. Thank you!

–– Peter Adam