Capitol Report: Operating budget sent to Senate

State Rep. Allen Andrews

Gov. Parson signed into law a balanced state budget that contains record funding for elementary and secondary education. Without issuing any line item vetoes, the governor signed the 13 appropriations bills that make up the $29.7 billion spending plan that provides funding to the state’s departments and programs.

In signing the budget, Gov. Parson said, “We are proud of the General Assembly and their efforts with the fiscal year 2020 budget. They have created a fiscally-responsible, balanced budget that will move Missouri forward.”

The budget bills that were approved in May by the General Assembly provide full funding to the school foundation formula for the third consecutive year. The FY 2020 budget provides an increase of $61 million to bring the total funding for the formula to $3.94 billion, which is the highest level in state history. The education budget also includes a $5 million increase for a total of $108 million in funding for transportation expenses for local school districts. Additionally, the budget includes a $3 million increase for the Parents as Teachers program. In total, funding for pre-K-12 education is increased by $116 million in the spending plan that was signed into law.

As he signed the budget bills, the governor emphasized the importance of meeting the state’s infrastructure needs without raising taxes. The governor highlighted the following budget items:

• $351.0 million for replacement and repair of bridges, including $50.0 million one-time General Revenue and $301.0 million from bonding, contingent upon the award of the federal INFRA Grant. 

• $50.0 million for a transportation cost-share program with local communities. 

• $10.8 million State Road Fund for maintenance repairs due to flooding. 

• $5.0 million State Road Fund for construction due to flooding. 

• $6.4 million for port capital improvement projects. 

• $5.0 million for grants to provide broadband access to under-served areas pursuant to HB 1872 (2018). 

• $10 million for the Multipurpose Water Resource Program, including the planning, design, construction, or renovation of public water supplies, flood control storage, drought, mitigation, and public water supply treatment or transmission facilities.

The governor also highlighted several funding items in the budget that will create and improve Missouri’s workforce development programs. Funding priorities emphasized by the governor include: 

• $18.9 million for the MO Excels Workforce Initiative, which develops and expands employer-driven education, training programs, and initiatives to substantially increase educational attainment. 

• $10.0 million Lottery Proceeds Fund to support the Fast-Track Workforce Incentive Grant Program

•  $61.4 million to fully fund the education foundation formula. 

• $5.0 million for transportation funding for schools. 

• $10.4 million for the Missouri One Start Program to provide new and expanding industry training programs and basic industry retraining programs.

With the bills now signed into law, they will take effect when the new fiscal year begins July 1. 

As always, it is an honor to represent you!

Representative Allen Andrews, District 1, Missouri State Capitol, Room 407, 201 West Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, MO  65101

Allen Andrews is the First District State Representative.