Larry Anderson

So far there are a couple dozen Democrats determined to save us from ourselves and Donald Trump, that ornery rascal who refuses to knuckle. The problem for liberals is mounting evidence suggests voters don’t want to be saved, at least not from The Donald.


No need. One doesn’t require Lassie’s help to get out of the abandoned mine if there is already a lifeline dangling. Folks have noticed if the economy is zipping along, many other things fall into place. Pleasant prosperity is better than the politics of pity.

Clearly thriving can present an unpleasant vacuum for those whose political fortunes hinge on doom. How does a party stay relevant? Well, environmental fear can be unleashed to make everyone think of massive disaster contributed to the wrong person in high office. Little aligns the uninformed quicker than naked fear, but nothing is more preposterous than the notion a Democrat is somehow more environmentally aware than a Republican.

Despite the claim, Barack Obama did not cause the oceans to recede, nor are there enough cows producing methane for it to matter. You don’t really need a politician to explain that point. You just need a farmer and some sense. 

Now, I know AOC, the ultimate authority on everything, has explained how we only have a decade left unless liberals seize control of everything, but I wouldn’t be digging a shelter just yet. In 2030 good ol’ Maryville will be here still, winning games and electing Sam Graves.

Fear mongering works for some but not for those giggling at AOC’s shenanigans or the laughable Nancy Pelosi intoning on “our democracy” as if she gives a rat’s fanny about it. Something more is needed to combat the possibility not everyone is buying that which is being sold. Like what? Well, somber liberals will tell you there is plenty of guilt to go around. America is, you understand, a bad, bad place.

Guilt works because we all want to be better than we are. Just understand social justice won’t suddenly be completed with the election of Elizabeth Warren or any other leftie. The perpetuation of guilt is what the left must replenish to survive. It is a renewable resource.

So don’t be fooled by grim visages, alarming statistics backed by empty “studies have shown” claims or by the absurdity that all problems can be solved if only taxes were higher. Don’t be that person. 

Another thing the left is doing more and more is stepping outside the restraint of law. A rule in the liberal mind, you see, is made to be broken unless it’s their rule. Then it is sacrosanct. In that regard famously flexible liberals have demonstrated remarkable inflexibility. Abortion is an example.

Liberal New York governor Andrew Cuomo has surpassed his office’s authority in attacking the National Rifle Association. One goal was to drive the NRA out of New York, but another purpose was to harass a powerful lobby representing millions of Americans who lean heavily, but not exclusively, to the right.

Banning the NRA is against the Constitution and past Supreme Court rulings that have come down in support of the Second Amendment, so Cuomo tried to circumvent the nation’s foundation for the purpose of political revenge and gain.

As governor, Cuomo ordered the state banking regulator to send letters to every bank and insurance company in the state urging them to blacklist the NRA. He also urged the denial of bank accounts to members, the blocking of members from obtaining insurance including health insurance, and the purchase of ads on the airwaves. He also endeavored to choke off funds to a legal, constitutionally protected organization. 

Cuomo’s efforts were such an egregious violation of rights the Civil Liberties Union joined the NRA in its fight against Cuomo’s methods. Said Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President, “No public official can weaponize the power of government to attack organizations simply because they have a different political point of view.”

Indeed, that is the very behavior for which the First and Second Amendments were written. 

It is good to know these things, who does them, and why because we then know what has to be done on election day when we have the authority to deprive power to those who abuse it. 

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.