America will not fall from without. Our country is too big geographically, too important, too wealthy and militarily powerful to be defeated by an adversary. It won’t happen. 

If the America we know is ever lost, it will occur from within, and there are plenty of people today inside our political system, media and educational institutions who believe America’s time has passed and are working industriously for its demise. For them to succeed in their work, they can do certain things, all aimed at Americans’ perception of self. Here’s a few: 

Put forth the ludicrous notion that socialism and democracy are somehow compatible as embodied by Bernie Sanders and the like. 

Everyone must understand, socialism and democracy are diametrically opposed political philosophies and governmental designs. Too much socialism wrecks economies, ends freedom, and destroys lives.

Citizens not understanding socialism is a national problem. 

Sell the notion of entitlement. Everyone should be guaranteed a “livable” income (whatever that is), an education free of financial responsibility, and free health care. Perhaps you have noticed that paying for these things always comes from some unexplained resource even though experience has demonstrated no amount of tax revenue, politically speaking, is adequate for every social need. 

Do we ever learn?

Socialist governments in other countries have found success by appealing to a massive lower economic class, but what if that isn’t large enough here to provide the base the left needs? One solution is to import poverty and force others to pay for it while gathering political support.

In some liberal states, leftist politicians are working to give the vote to anyone, citizen or not. This is not only incubation of a power base for the left, but one that is potentially overwhelming of democracy and the two party system. 

The border dilemma has little to do with human rights as sold by sobbing liberals; it has to do with achieving sway through numbers. The left’s goal is to overwhelm the system. They plan to profit.

Another effort afoot is the elimination of the Electoral College, which was designed to prevent too much power from being concentrated in a handful of populous states such as California, a liberal bastion. The Electoral College provides some protection for people living in such rural areas as northwest Missouri from much greater urban numbers. It takes approximately six and a half of Missouri to equal the political clout of one California.

The Electoral College is a constitutional institution. The left cares nothing about it for that reason and because it stands in their way as evidenced by Hillary‘s electoral thumping. Hence, the push for change.

Oh, the Democrats speak of one vote and democracy, but what they seek is political advantage. They know the Electoral College holds them in check as it does Republicans, but these Democrats, Elizabeth Warren and the like, aren’t after balance; they hanker for permanent domination.

Another way in which the country can be lost is to be turned against the president we elected. This is attempted through a perpetually negative media hammering nonstop on everything he does. Good things get little coverage without spin, but anything controversial is reported for days. 

Try to make the president’s election seem illegitimate. Push for impeachment even when there is no grounds. Try to separate the office from the people. Act like endless investigation is the same as doing something.

You know how it goes.

Key to changing the country is separating the people from our history. Hence the cleansing of symbols, markers and literature. We are told these things can be offensive to someone, but what the left really means is they don’t want them around. 

Censorship can precede totalitarianism. 

One party. Total control and power. Sameness in all things in the name of social justice. These are the leftist goals. 

A country can be lost when it loses it autonomy, its historical awareness, and its sense of self and direction. It can be lost when it is lied to, misled and attacked endlessly as a failure. We Americans can be lost when we lose faith in the principles upon which America was founded. We lose when we give up on the importance of individual freedom and buy into the corruption of socialism now being sold as if it works.

Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.