There will be no presidential candidates on the ballots voters in Nodaway County will be given April 7.

There are not even any candidates for legislative representation in either Jefferson City or Washington, D.C.

There are, however, ballot issues of significant importance to voters residing in the Maryville city limits as well as those who live outside the city.

One of those two critical issues involves the formation of a countywide library system that will expand the service area, as well as the services, of the Maryville Public Library to the entire county.

 The other deals with a requested increase in the tax levy residents of Maryville are being asked to approve for the operation of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

The library issue will only be on those ballots of county voters living outside the city limits of Maryville. City residents already pay a tax to support the operation of the facility.

Those individuals who live outside the city limits can now pay a fee to utilize the library’s current services. The proposed tax would eliminate that fee, and enable the library staff to significantly expand its services, in both scope and service area.

Most significantly, all schools in Nodaway County will benefit from the additional services, including a bookmobile, as a means of expanding the availability of print and electronic materials to all students, especially those in the lower grades.

The library’s proposed property tax levy would be 15 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

The Maryville Parks and Recreation Department is asking for an additional 10 cents per $100 to provide increased operational funds. 

The parks department has not sought to raise its levy since 1987. It has, however, actually experienced decreases in operating funds as a result of state legislation. As a result of Senate Bill 711, passed in 2008, MPR tax revenues have declined to the tune of $48,500 in 2013 and by approximately $55,000 for the current fiscal year.

Both the Maryville Public Library and the Maryville Parks and Recreation Department provide outstanding services to their patrons and they should be enabled to continue, and expand, those services so needed and deserved by residents of the city and county.  

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