As Maryville’s daily newspaper, The Daily Forum takes pride in its efforts to ensure that “all the news that’s fit to print” is included within our pages — and included in a timely manner.

By our own admission, we may not quite live up to that timetable with each and every story that is newsworthy in Maryville and our Nodaway County coverage area.

But we try. 

And we are making every effort to try even harder as we work more diligently to re-establish The Daily Forum as the newspaper of record for this segment of northwest Missouri.

But as much as timeliness is important to our staff, especially in this era of electronic media and social networking — when being “first” all too often supercedes the ultimately more important aspects of our business, such as accuracy — the “fit to print” aspect of the iconic New York Times motto becomes even more of a consideration.

There have been two recent events that by many standards could be — indeed, have been — considered as newsworthy that have not been reported in this newspaper.

But those omissions were intentional, and a result of serious discussions among members of our news staff.

The first revolved around the untimely death of a former Northwest Missouri State University athlete early in the week.

Had The Forum decided to pursue it, the second could have concentrated on a family gathering following the tragic death of an infant. 

Authorities have decided that death, which was covered in our news pages, was accidental and the case is basically closed.

When members of the infant’s family, gathered for a “private” vigil, requested that there be no media coverage when reporters began to gather, The Daily Forum optioned to abide by their wishes and not subject those gathered to any more noteriety than had already been encountered.

Granted, the gathering was on public property and our staff writer was totally within the law in being there, and taking and publishing photographs if he saw fit.

But he elected not to do so.

That decision was whole-heartedly supported by his publisher.

So, yes, there are stories, and/or photographs, that The Daily Forum might elect to purposely omit from its pages. 

But in doing so, we are confident that we have not jeopardized anyone’s right to know. 

To the contrary, we have respected someone’s right to privacy in our effort to return a degree of caring and concern for the feelings of others, to our pages.

We feel confident that approach will make The Maryville Daily Forum a better community newspaper in the long run. And that, after all, is our goal.

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