Election night 11-3-20

Candidates and their families, government officials and members of the media await vote totals Tuesday night at the Nodaway County Administration Center. When all was said and done, more than 76 percent of Nodaway County residents cast a ballot during this election.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — Local results are in for Nodaway County, with unofficial results showing more than three-fourths of registered voters went to the polls.

The unofficial numbers from the Nodaway County Clerk’s office announced Tuesday night showed that Sheriff Randy Strong retained his office against challenger Darren White, Scott Walk defeated Robert Lager for south district commissioner and Dee O’Riley unseated incumbent Diane Thomsen for public administrator.

A total of 9,936 Nodaway County residents cast their ballots during this election, including 2,161 by mail or absentee ballot, resulting in 76.63 percent voter turnout, according to Nodaway County Clerk Melinda Patton. Patton’s office had the ballots counted and results announced less than three hours after the polls had closed.

Local results are below.


Randy Strong - 7,155

Darren White - 2,618

South District Commissioner

Scott Walk - 3,128

Robert Lager - 2,465

Public Administrator

Dee O’Riley - 5,772

Diane Thomsen - 3,828

Grant Township General Obligation Road Bond

Yes - 245

No - 60

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