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Brinley Conn rehearses as Elle Woods for the Maryville High School production of “Legally Blonde The Musical.” The play has received some attention since being rescheduled by R-II school district administration. School leaders were concerned with language and costumes in the show.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Forum reached out to each member of the Maryville R-II Board of Education and Superintendent Becky Albrecht at the end of last week for further comment about the issues raised, information about whether or not the license holder had been contacted about changes and to gain more insight into where the board stands since the general public wasn’t allowed access to the discussion during the unscheduled open session. As of Wednesday morning, no one had replied.

According to a draft version of minutes from the meeting, the board spent 21 minutes discussing the play, then adjourned at 8:06 p.m. without voting on the matter.

Since last week, The Forum has learned from another source close to the production that numerous issues were raised about the play including: the use of words such as “slut,” and the length of the Greek Chorus girls’ dresses.

The new costumes for the Greek Chorus girls are long, white choir robes.

The solution for the unseemly words has been to change them entirely or just have actors hold their hands over their mouths and say nothing, allowing “the audience to listen to the song’s lyrics and interpret the next rhyming word,” the person said.

Many of the lines were not changed completely, just one or two words from each line. However, one song, “There! Right There!” was cut entirely, though without information from school administrators it is unclear why. Actors have been told they will act out the scene — without a song — as it occurs in the movie, with character Emmett tricking character Nicos into admitting he has a boyfriend while on the stand in court.

The Forum reached out to Director Jacqui Conn about the changes and was informed all communication regarding the production were to be handled through high school administration. As of Wednesday morning, there had been no response from the administration.