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Lou White, standing, talks during a Skidmore Board of Aldermen meeting last week. White spoke about her views on the town and announced her candidacy for one of the open seats on the board as a way of giving back to the community. As of Tuesday evening, White had not filed to run in the election, with the Skidmore City Clerk or the Nodaway County Clerk’s office.

SKIDMORE, MO. — The Skidmore Board of Aldermen worked through its agenda Jan. 9, in Newton Hall, including continued discussion about a new public property ordinance still in the works.

Last year, City Clerk Meagan Morrow and Mayor Tracy Shewey found an ordinance from 1901 that was believed to be the most current.

This month, Morrow found two more recent references of approved property ordinances — 2006-WS and 2013-WS. She located them in the city’s recorded minutes and plans to continue searching records to find the ordinances themselves.

The board tabled the topic along with discussion on nuisance letters and the junkyard ordinance to wait for more information about the discovered documents.

Treasurer resigns

Skidmore Treasurer Doris Diggs recently resigned, citing health issues. Alderman Sandy Wright asked if the city is required to have a treasurer or if it could get by without one. Since the city has purchased a new computer and QuickBooks, Morrow has been able to run reports in a quicker fashion. Shewey estimated it might only take an additional 30 minutes for Morrow to format and print reports for the board to check over at board meetings.

“Would you be willing to take on that extra task, if the price was right?” Wright asked Morrow.

Morrow answered, “Yes,” but she might have her own conditions.

The board approved a monthlong trial allowing Morrow to complete the treasurer’s duties. Pay was to be discussed at a later date.

Shewey said the city might need to find out if the state auditor’s office will accept QuickBooks reports instead of the bi-annual financial report the city had been creating.

“I think it’s pretty prevalent out there, a lot of people accept QuickBooks reporting,” she said.

Committees formed

Board members agreed to split up committees, to provide the city with better focus on topics and also a contact person should issues arise in specific areas.

Alderman Tim Slagle suggested forming smaller committees to help gather information to bring back to the board.

“I think that’s a great idea,” said Shewey.

She suggested the mayor could be a second city official on each committee, giving residents another person to contact with questions.


Streets - Jeanise Schwebach

Water/Sewer - Sandy Wright

Parks/Ball Park and cemetery - Rana Killingsworth

Grants and Museum - Tim Slagle

Other news

  • Local resident Lou White announced her candidacy for alderman to fill one of two aldermen seats and/or the mayor’s seat opening in April. As of Tuesday evening, White had not filed to run in the election, with the city or the Nodaway County Clerk’s office.
  • Aldermen approved paying for the city clerk’s fees associated with becoming a Public Notary and the cost of a new stamp.
  • Board members approved adjusting Rob Wilmes’ water bill to reflect concrete work he did to repair a city manhole.
  • The aldermen asked city employee Marvin Sumy to contact a member of the Public Water Supply District and request a representative to attend the next board meeting. Members have received several questions about the water quality and size of line bringing water into the city.
  • Board members discussed the possibility of annexing the housing addition into the city limit. At the December board meeting, Wright suggested those living in the facility might like to be able to vote on city topics. Morrow contacted the county assessor’s office to find what is required to annex a portion of land. The city would need to have its attorney have the deed for the housing addition and then add a section to its property deed, changing the city limit. No decision was made.
  • Wright said no employee reviews had been completed that were scheduled for the end of 2019. She thought they should be done as soon as possible. Shewey suggested putting it on the February agenda.
  • Board members discussed the possibility of a new website or social media presence to offer a central location to post city ordinances. It also could offer a way to pay water bills online to decrease the cost of the credit card machine. Morrow said after some checking Midwest Data Services offered to provide a website with 25 tabs for $15 per month. “I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the general account took a hit,” Shewey said. “It’s just something you should take into account.” No decision was made regarding a website, social media or online pay option for water bills.
  • Morrow contacted PepsiCo and Coca-Cola to see about replacing the vending machine inside City Hall. Both companies turned down the location. Smith Vending has now dropped off funds should people have coins lost in the machine.

The next regular meeting of the Skidmore Board of Aldermen is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13.

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