MARYVILLE, Mo. — Road construction along U.S Highway 71 north of Maryville caused tire damage to vehicles driven between State Route FF and U.S. Highway 136 Thursday night.

Thursday night, drivers in the area began reporting tar coming off the road and adhering to their tires. The Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office said on social media that a portion of Highway 71 was closed to traffic as Vance Brothers Inc., out of Kansas City worked to repair the road's surface.

“Deputies are assisting MODOT and MSHP taking multiple reports of tar coming off the roadway and sticking to vehicles,” a post on the Sheriff’s Facebook page said.

All southbound Highway 71 traffic was routed to State Highway 113, while northbound traffic was rerouted to Missouri Highway 148.

While the turnaround on the road closure was fairly quick, it may be that the contractor has had some practice with this type of clean up.

According to the Bethany Republican-Clipper newspaper, a similar situation happened just two weeks ago on U.S. Highway 136, between Buzzard Gulch and the city of Albany.

The road was closed for several hours when “wet road material began adhering to tires and causing damage.”

To make that repair, Vance Brothers scraped off the material before the road could be reopened.

“People said they did the highway section in just one or two days over there and it raised a whole bunch of red flags,” said Jami Hull, Maryville resident and owner of a vehicle with ruined tires.

She said her tires themselves are melted. When she tried to pull the tar off, it began to pull the tire also. Last night, around 9:30 p.m., she called the number for Vance Brothers and was “shocked,” that someone answered the phone. Hull was told they were getting a lot of calls and not to call back, she would be contacted.

Currently she’s borrowing a family member’s vehicle to get around town.

According to Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong, to file a claim for tar damage from the affected region, drivers should call the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop H at 816-387-2345 and reference report number 190538315. Drivers also are asked to contact Bruce Johnson with contractor, Vance Brothers, at 816-923-4325 or 816-595-7263.

Neither MoDOT nor Vance Brothers has issued any public communication and neither has responded to The Forum’s requests for comment.

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