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MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Office of the Registrar at Northwest Missouri State University has announced students named to the Academic or President’s honor rolls at the end of the 2019 fall semester.

To be included on the Academic Honor Roll a student must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a grade-point average of 3.50 or above on a 4.0 scale. Students named to the President’s Honor Roll have attained a perfect 4.00 GPA for the semester.


Seth C. Bennett, Academic

Drew M. Cottrill, Academic

Kristopher D. Hansel, President

Riley J. Houts, President

Sedona M. Mays, President

Destiny P. Wilmes, President

Caden R. Wilson, Academic

Carson B. Wilson, President


Ashton B. Henggeler, President

Mallory A. McConkey, President


Emily A. Cole, Academic

Lauren R. Cole, President

Hanna M. Fries, Academic

Mariah N. Gragg, President

Ryan P. Hughes, Academic


Amanda N. Frueh, President

William C. Frueh, Academic

Jessica A. Henry, President

Jacklyn K. Hersh, Academic

Colby J. Holtman, President

Paige M. Kelley, President

Mikayla C. Mattson, President


Goldie A. Barnes, President

Amber D. Clark, Academic

Kendey Eaton, Academic

Shanna M. Gilpin, Academic

Halle Sutter, Academic


Nicole M. Albertson, President

Cory Rosenbohm, Academic


Cade P. Henggeler, Academic

Payton S. Henggeler, President


Ashley J. Thompson, Academic


Devin A. Breckenridge, President

Cynthia I. Eiberger, President

Andrew E. Hunsucker, Academic

Mark A. Kauffman, President

Savana E. Wiederholt, President


Azhar Abdullah H. AlAli, Academic

Gage D. Albrecht, President

Nicholas C. Allee, Academic

Katie A. Allen, Academic

Colin J. Anthony, Academic

Amberlea J. Auffert, Academic

Andaya N. Backman, Academic

Jason W. Bagley, Academic

Marton Bagoly, Academic

Alex J. Bean, Academic

Adam J. Becker, Academic

Hailee D. Beemer, Academic

Rachel B. Boucher, Academic

Broderick J. Buck, Academic

Allison N. Buckley, Academic

Kaylin R. Byland, President

Alita C. Caron, Academic

Stephanie A Chor, President

Connor R. Chubick, Academic

Trinity Cobb, President

Taylor L. Combs, President

Samantha N. Conley, Academic

Tilena R. Conover, Academic

Alexandra Leimkuhler Creason, Academic

David B. Curtis, President

Nicole A. David, Academic

Payden M. Dawson, Academic

Ethan D. Dixon, President

Kala J. Dixon, President

Kylee A. Dougan, Academic

Dillon A. Dow, Academic

Rachel F. Dreher, President

Ethan C. Dulin, Academic

Madison R. Dye, President

Madeline J. Forney, President

Tristan Q. Freemyer, President

Vyron Drew L. Galapin, President

Taylor R. Giesken, President

Abbie L. Greeley, Academic

Spencer L. Greeley, Academic

Meghan A Hersh, President

Amanda S. Herzberg, Academic

Hailey N. Hockaday, Academic

Andrew P. Holmes, President

Madison R. Holtman, President

Cole D. Houston, Academic

Brandon T. Huffman, Academic

Tara L. Hull, President

Jace A. Jagger, President

Annika O. Johnson, President

Aubrey M. Jones, President

Elijah R. Katsion, Academic

Kennedy R. King, President

Ella I. Kramer, President

Jennifer A. LeHew, President

Tanner Lemrick, Academic

Alex N. Lewis, Academic

Caleb T. Liles, Academic

Alyssa L. Lowe, Academic

Emily R. Madden, Academic

Matthew D. Madden, President

Mitchell C. Martinez, President

Jessica D. Maschino, President

Callie J. Mattson, President

Brayden R. McMillen, Academic

Mally A. McMillin, President

Hayden L. Mildward, Academic

Reanne E. Mires, Academic

Hunter Mobley, Academic

Caroline T. Morley, Academic

John R. Murdock, President

Karie K. Ogle, President

Evelyn M. Oltman, Academic

Ryan M. Owens, Academic

Josie S. Patton, Academic

Christine L. Pearce, President

Tyra E. Pierson, Academic

Evan I. Pigg, Academic

Tyler M. Reid, Academic

Kylie J. Reuter, President

Trick M. Rex, President

Whitley Richman, President

Jasmine M. Roush, Academic

Braden T. Rowe, President

Aleyna R. Saldana, President

Alexander J. Sampson, President

Dakota W. Shields, Academic

Katlyn R. Striplin, Academic

Bethany N. Sutcliffe, Academic

Alice R. Sweida, President

Sean P. Thibodeau, Academic

Drew J. Walker, Academic

Jason M. Watson, Academic

Steven Wells, Academic

Brendan E. Weybrew, Academic

Bailey K. White, President

Jason T. White, President

Sara J. White, Academic


Gabrielle L. Heck, President

Hunter K. Holstine, Academic

Benjamin R. Shifflett, President

Emily A. Wedlock, President

Chandler J. Wilson, President


Max B. Giesken, President

Gerry M. Runde, Academic

Chet J. Spire, President

Jill D. Spire, Academic


Emily R. Dew, President

Kade T. Pankau, President

Keenan C. Piveral-Brooks, Academic


Dallis Coffelt, President

Vanessa L. Pappert, Academic


Ashley M. Christian, Academic

Kaleigh D. Farmer, Academic

Clinton J. Hughes, Academic

Sydney N. Parry, Academic

Payton J. Schomburg, Academic

Melanie A. Wilson, President


Tucker D. Graham, President

Logan R. Hughes, President

Christopher M. Yarbrough, Academic


Audrey Chappell, Academic

Kensey R. Edwards, Academic

Chase E. Keller, President

Haley K. Kernes, Academic

Gianna M. Magers, Academic

Nicholas A. Melton, Academic

Elizabeth M. Palmer, Academic

Baylee L. Ramseier, Academic

Sydney M. Sharp, President

Tucker R. Weaver, Academic


Madeline E. Clement, Academic

Courtney M. McIntyre, President


Cole E. Craig, Academic

Caden M. Farnan, President

Shawn A. Gregory, Academic

Sarah C. Jennings, President

Maryeah F. Martin, President

Kelli M. Schieber, President

Bradley E. Sheeley, President

Brendan D. Smith, Academic


Kaitlin D. Bomar, Academic

Blair M. Broermann, Academic

Taylor A. Brown, Academic

Brendon Bruns, President

Chloe A. Bruns, Academic

Shelby A. McCartney, Academic

Gentri P. Staten, President

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