Northwest Board of Regents

Stacy Carrick, Northwest Missouri State University Vice President of Finance, talks with Associate Provost Greg Haddock Monday morning before the Board of Regents meeting.

MARYVILLE, Mo. — The Northwest Missouri State University Board of Regents approved at its regular meeting last week a proposal to charge in-state tuition and fees to uniformed services veterans and qualified dependents in compliance with recent changes to the law.

“We have to do certain things, we have to follow certain guidelines,” said Charles Mayfield, director of financial assistance for the university. “Some of those guidelines state that we have to provide in-state tuition rates for certain students, such as those on the GI Bill.”

He explained there are different ways in which members of the military and their families can use the Montgomery GI Bill and this new addition allows the university to charge in-state tuition to those members of the military and their dependents who qualify for the vocational rehabilitation aspect of the GI Bill.

Northwest already complies with the Department of Veteran Affairs’ recommendations and ensures in-state tuition rates are provided to veterans and their dependents under Public Law 114-315, a 2016 act that modified the United States Code, Mayfield said.

According to a university news release, the policy applies to veterans using educational assistance under the GI Bill – Active Duty Program, vocational rehabilitation and employment, the Post-9/11 GI Bill, or a spouse or child using benefits under the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship. In compliance with the amendment to the law, the policy change is effective March 1.

“They provided additional criteria for students receiving Chapter 31 which is voc rehab under the GI Bill,” Mayfield told the board. “Under certain conditions we would be required to offer them an in-state tuition rate. We have to meet these criteria for any of our students to receive these benefits.”

He told the board that in any given term, the university has between 105 and 120 students using the GI Bill to help pay for their educations. Mayfield said there are two students currently using the vocational rehabilitation portion of the GI Bill, but they are already in-state students.

“So it wouldn’t cause any immediate change,” he explained.

Other business

  • The board approved 26 adjunct faculty to teach at Northwest during the spring 2019 semester.
  • The board also approved revisions with edits to its bylaws regarding the responsibilities of its committees. Chairman Pat Harr explained the changes to the bylaws. “At our December meeting we noted that we had changed the names of our committees to what we were actually doing, we didn’t carry the information forward that describes what those committees are responsible for. … There’s nothing new here, we’re just bringing everything forward so everything matches.”

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