Mission Possible

GRANT CITY, Mo. — The Mission Possible Center of Grant City has been awarded Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits and is now looking for donors to help fund the construction of a new building for its work on the downtown square in Grant City.

Started in 2004, the Mission Possible Center of Grant City serves the food insecure in the area by way of a thrift store that covers operational and food costs, according to a news release from the organization. The organization has been housed by the Masonic Lodge for 15 years, and is now looking for its own space.

Mission Possible President Marti Myers expressed, “gratitude for all those who have worked so hard to find a solution to Mission Possible’s need for a new home. … Now we can look forward to many more years of serving the food insecure in our area.”

Funds raised through the sale of the 70 percent NAP tax credits from the Missouri Department of Economic Development will provide 80 percent of the total cost of the project, according to the organization's news release. The remaining 20 percent of construction costs is to be raised through fundraising efforts and contributions. All funds must be secured prior to breaking ground on the project, which is informally scheduled for mid- to late-2020.

NAP tax credits are awarded twice per year to qualifying nonprofit agencies in Missouri who demonstrate through the application process that both a priority need exists and that the nonprofit can achieve the goals described in order to strengthen their community.

According to the release, Mission Possible Center’s application focused on the need to continue providing supplemental food to qualifying residents of Worth County and the risk of losing that service due to the deteriorating condition of the current building.

The NAP tax credits are an incentive to qualifying donors with 70 percent of the donations being returned to the donor in the form of tax credits against their Missouri business income tax liability. For example, a $1,000 donation would result in a $700 Missouri tax credit being provided to the donor. The remaining 30 percent of the donation also may be used as a charitable donation for federal tax purposes.

Eligible donors include businesses throughout the state of Missouri and also individuals who operate a sole proprietorship, operate a farm, have rental property or have royalty income in Missouri. Donors can also be shareholders in a Missouri S-corporation, partners in a Partnership or members of a Limited Liability Corporation.

Donors may contribute cash, materials, supplies or equipment, professional services, labor etc. The Missouri state tax credits will be administered by the Northwest Regional Council of Governments through the course of the building project.

For more information, call 660-786-2297 or 785-220-4996.

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