MARYVILLE, Mo. — With only six vendors, the Title Town Farmers Market saw a lot of foot traffic Saturday and some vendors even sold out.

“We had our first person before 7 this morning, we opened at 7:30,” said Autumn Quimby, nurse and vendor. “We’re expecting more next week and then some more in July. Hopefully we get bigger.”

In a post on Facebook, she thanked Maryville residents who attended the market and “because of YOU, multiple vendors went home without any of their product! They sold out early, all thanks to you.”

Quimby said SpoofyBeans may be on site June 13 to provide a coffee boost for shoppers looking for unique homemade items or fresh homegrown products.

“I’d say you’ve been pretty busy from when I looked out the window,” said Tim Jackson, owner of Title Town Bar & Grill, where the farmers market is being held.

Vendor and teacher Shea Miller brought her unique handcrafted items to Saturday’s market.

“They’re a relaxer for me,” she said. “I’ve kind of always liked to do crafty things. … This is probably the most dove in I’ve gone.”

Everything from painted pots, frames and floral patterned items is homemade, and she also sells them online.

While picking up some items from Donna Patton’s stand of vegetables, jams and baked goods, Tillie and Karen Porterfield, of Maryville, agreed that they didn’t know how many years they’ve been going to the farmers market, but they enjoy it.

“We’re always excited about it, said Tillie Porterfield.

Patton, who has a farm in Parnell, has been a part of the local market when it was held at the Mary Mart on South Main Street.

“I’ve been doing this 16 years,” she said. “I have my garden. We have ups and downs, that’s to be expected.”

Patton said another vendor talked to her about this market getting started up. She connected with Quimby through the market Facebook page and got signed up.

Patton’s stand offered numerous options from candy green onions and other vegetables to jams, jellies, pies and breads.

Vendor Sylvia Chloupek brought around 60 four-packs of French macarons for sale. Gluten free and packing a sugar punch, the soft yet chewy little cookies with a perfect “foot” were available in multiple flavors: blueberry, raspberry, pistachio, lemon and hazelnut.

Chloupek has been perfecting her macaron recipe for about a year. She got started after being dared by her husband who said they were likely too difficult for her to be able to create.

“And now he’s reaping the benefits,” Chloupek said laughing. “It’s very labor intensive.”

She creates numerous flavors, but has found that raspberry seems to be the area’s favorite. Her favorite are the nut ones: peanut, hazelnut and pistachio. Her husband’s is pistachio, but he’s gotten fewer of them as she’s perfected the recipe.

“As I’m getting better, there’s no rejects for him,” Chloupek joked. “The cracked ones he can have, but there’s not many of those anymore.”

She does plan to come back to the market to offer up the tasty tidbits, but also sells her macarons on Facebook.

The weekly market is scheduled to continue from 7:30 a.m. to noon, each Saturday through September at Title Town Bar & Grill, 130 N. Depot St.

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